Bumping mechanics

Bumping is harresment when it happens time after time

Yes I know it is a game but I would also like to say to CCP and those players

Harassment is when someone behaves in a way which offends you or makes you feel distressed or intimidated

Also some countries have

Harassment as a form of discrimination under the Equality Act.

A quote from CCP

“What is EVE Online?

EVE Online is a community-driven spaceship MMO where players can play for free, choosing their own path from countless options. Experience space exploration, immense PvP and PvE battles, mining, industry and a thriving player economy in an ever-expanding sandbox.”

Well PvE mining is getting to be hard with the same bullies that keep on everyday bumping your mining ship / orca etc in High Sec. Just so you either fight them and get Concorded or stop mining altogether.

The game is for PVP and PVE as per the above quote and if you say anything out loud then these bullies ridicule you saying it is part of the game. Well it time we all stand up to bullies like in schools and the work place.

It does not matter if you go to another moon or system or belt, they find you and start the bumping all over again. If you complain in a support ticket you are told this is part of the game as per quote below,

“it is currently not considered harassment as the opportunity to do so is within game mechanics and doing so is not deemed a violation of the game rules.
I am therefore not able to intervene in this matter in accordance with our policies.”

The rule

“Common Misconceptions about Exploits
This passage contains common tactics and other player conduct that is often mistakenly reported as exploits but are in fact not.
Ship Bumping * Ram the ship of another player with your own in order to prevent them from warping."

Well in my opinion if you are not warping then how can they be allowed to bump you and get away with it? They should not be allowed to get away with that or am I wrong?

Also it says to me that bullies you are allowed to bully and harass other players that only do PVE by bumping their mining ships away from the asteroid so they can’t mine even when they are sitting still or in orbit of the roid.

This then makes me think that means CCP up holds the policy to allow harassment and bullying and that they welcome this or am I wrong in that too CCP, please let us know CCP what you say on that matter? As you also state

“Harassment and offensive behavior
Players may report any in-game offenses through a Support Ticket or via an e-mail to our support@eveonline.com address”

Thus it is about time that CCP does something about deliberate bumping while mining in high sec to stop this harassment and bullying like other companies are doing and stand up to bullies.

Bumping will always be fun, just not on the receiving end.
I DID NOT pay for this glare on my glasses CCP!

Step 1: leave highsec.

Step 2: shoot anyone who tries to bump you.

Step 3: have no further need to whine on the forums about how someone is interfering with your PvE farming.


Defeat is not harassment but crying about defeat is being a sore loser.

How about you just read this thread. I am not adressing ganking, not even bumping. The issue here is permabumping.
Even if a lot of posts here try to talk about being bumped, I’m whining about being bumped for extended periods of time.
As I posted before: Ganking is an established gameplay and “bumping to prepare a gank” is strange from an in-game point of view, but an emergent gameplay that adds to EVE - even if not really necessary to score a (freighter) kill.
But being bumped for 30+ minutes is plain stupid and no fun at all. It has been said logging off will help. That is not a solution. Stopping to play the game to remedy a situation is not an acceptable mechanic.
In EVE there is a module for every way to fight your opponent in space. And of course counter modules. Not so with bumping. Especially in hi-sec this leaves the victims in a disadvantaged position as the usual ingame sanction for agressive action in hisec - CONCORD - is in fact working against them.
Fixing CONCORD is extremely hard, introducing an extra module would probably raise balancing hell. That is why I came up with this idea as it takes up on CCPs abandoned “Warp-Timer” and might constitute a viable option.
Please talk about the proposed idea, not about your beliefs how this game should be played.

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How about a forth mining bursts that can only be used in High sec by Orca’s when the orca is not moving and can only be trigged when the orca is at zero speed.
It then anchors your Orca to the spot and any fleet ship in the area burst that is mining at the same time at zero speed is fixed to the spot, so they cannot be bumped either. However if a fleet ship then moves that ship can be bumped or if the Orca starts moving the burst is cancelled thus allowing any ship to be bumped including the Orca.
It will also allow the Orca to warp out or move and allows other ship to move freely if they like and be bumped if they are moving. It also allows for ganking and avoid ganking by being able to freely move if you like.

This is not freighters and high value targets, this is miners being bumped away from, usually ice, indefinitely. No gank, the bumper is usually trying to prevent anyone but his bot fleet from mining the ice.

It’s an RMTer technique.

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Having never partaken in miner bumping, I have a serious question: if the mining ship is orbiting something at anything above a snail’s pace, are they easy to bump? I can’t imagine that they are.

When I do mine (which is, thankfully, rare), it’s mainly in Expedition Frigates, so my primary tank for local rats is speed tanking. I know barges will never move as quickly as an AB frigate, but I imagine that they can at least move quickly enough to not be easy bumping targets.

I had never seen miner bumping until recently myself.

They get knocked around pretty good, think pool cue :slight_smile:

Stationary ones or moving ones? I imagine that stationary barges would make fantastic bumping targets, especially for a 500MW Nomen with a long run-up. Not so sure about moving ones.

When I saw it the bumper kept making runs until they were well away, like 50 or 60km.

I may have to try this if I’m ever in-game and needing to kill time.


And you were sounding so good (not really), but since many are so fond of pointing out ROLE freighters have a role and JF have their place, the simple fact is obvious, a regular freighter in low/null won’t survive jumping gate to gate so this is why/how CCP made a JF a thing.

Removal from HS is no solution but a troll on a post regarding the age old thing that won’t go away, it’s not just because “bumping” to gank it is other players exploiting a cheap mechanic to be an A-hat, nothing more nothing less, and the second age old eve question do they have the right to ruin someone else’s game just to deny them to go about their business or is it more important that we put up with someone’s fecal defecation because they want to play G.G. Allin poop slinger?

Not sucking is not just about fitting a tank, but also what you put in your freighter. If you put 5 billion ISK worth of cargo you become gankable as about 2.5 billion is expected to drop. More than enough to cover a gank fleet.

So, consider how much cargo you carry, get a scout either an alt or a buddy. Those two things will reduce your risk tremendously.

The thread title is “Bumping mechanics”…maybe you need to work on your ability to write and convey basic information in a coherent and logical manner.

The idea to remove freighters the was mostly a joke. I’m actually fine with freighters being bumped and ganked in highsec as this game is intended to work.

And using bumping to gank a freighter isn’t being an “A-hat” or a “poop singer”. It an accepted way to tackle a capital ship long enough to get the large fleet on top of it that is necessary to overcome the massive EHP of that ship class. It’s how emergent piracy works in highsec.

Freighters are intended to be shot in this game. There is no fecal material involved in this intended gameplay. They have also been designed to also be vulnerable to bumping. I have no problem with this being done to them in highsec, but I will maintain one way to prevent the regular whine threads about this is to ban them from highsec like the rest of the capital ships.

I agree but not indefinitely. It should have a warp time limit. Being bumped for 1-2 hours don’t make sense and make it too easy for gankers, they should have to plan right the timing and fleet positioning.

The only case for change that makes any sense and could ever get any traction is the miner bumping.

If you are rich enough to own a freighter you are out of the kiddie pool and need to play with everyone else make friends, get alts or die.

On the other hand a mining in high sec is a bona fide new player solo activity and so because of that it has no counter to bumping.

Things with no counter need to get fixed.

That said, all these solutions suck :slight_smile:

Hi Teckos, the title should be short and my suggestion concerns bumping mechanics. But I admit considering the majority of similarly named threads it’s easy to dismiss it as yet another “gankers are evil” and “bumping must get you flagged” thread, sorry for the confusion I may have caused.
If you feel my opening post is incoherent and illogical please do enlighten me how it could be written better.
I really think bumping mechanics need some fix, mainly because of permabumping.

That being said, you’re right with this:

As I said, bumping is an established way to prepare a gank. I can live with that. But it also happens freighters are being bumped for hours and thousands of km. I have an issue with that.
And I must admit that @Salt_Foambreaker has a valid point talking about miners.

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