Bureau of Secret Fraud is recruiting in W-space

We are currently looking for more players, both new and old, that want to try living in a wormhole. We are not focused on any one activity so members are free to do anything they like. Many of us like to PvP, rat, mine, and explore so there is always something to do with new chains everyday. We have no formal requirements other than to be friendly and helpful to other members. We are newbie friendly and everyone in the corp is more than willing to teach and help.

We live in a C2 system with static access to HS and C3 as well as other random signatures. We currently have a base, a Raitru setup for hybrid reactions with plans to expand, and we run our own POCOs with fairly low taxes just enough for fuel. Our PI is also very good with each planet having maximum yield of at least 1 to 2 raw materials. We do moon mining as well but they are pretty average.

If you’re interested in giving wormhole life a try contact myself, Jigbits Centauri, or our CEO Jonesith in game. We ask that any applicant have at least 5m SP as w-space can be very dangerous.

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