Burned Logic Circuit

Whats going on with this? Selling steady at around 30k up until February when it started slowly increasing with almost doubling in price in the last 4 weeks. Today is selling for 50k+ in all major hubs with most of the orders above 60k really.

That`s double the price in a very short period for a fairly common item.
Granted is used in rigs production, capital construction and structure parts but so far this year nothing major happened, no wars, no major structure bashing… da hell is going on?

And its only burned logic, everything else salvage shows no major changes for the past year really.

You want to talk really insane, look at what has happened to the price of 5MN Y-T8 Microwarpdrives in the past few months.

I’ve seen some concerted efforts to drive up prices, and burned logic circuits may be part of that, or just a tangential effect.

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Maybe some block has a very huge stock of those and are pushing prices up to make more profit in the long term

I feel like it was expensive this time last year, but now its exploding. The Medium Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender has risen even higher as of right now.

Everything seems to be expensive now . Tthe 5mn Y-T8 is obviously a manipulation, dont know how long it ll last tho, that thing drops like candy in rat loot and i know people sitting on huge quantities.
If you look at the market the Y-T8 traded fairly stable up until late february, early march and then it started really taking off mid march onwards, it did reach insane level very fast thats true.
Same with burned logic but burned logic increase in price has far bigger repercussions.
The Y-T8 is just a mod, burned logic is a material used in production and it affects many markets deeply.
Im not sure its a manipulation tho, might be but usually market manipulation of basic materials is not an easy endeavour and usually it doesnt end well for whoever tries it. The supply is just too huge, same is the demand and the market tends to balance itself.
Also burned logic started slowly increasing since december, really taking off in the past 4 weeks when i think salvagers just followed the trend, followed the market. Usually with a manipulation other people will fight you and that is usually evident looking at the graphs. Burned logic`s graph is more natural, its an evident robust and natural progression which makes me think its not a manipulation but i cant, for the love of God, understand why its gotten so expensive, why is this happening.

It’s one the main incredients for T1 medium shield extender which goes into cruisers/bc’s, and some NS alliances have lost many of those ships these past few months.

When they put medium shield extenders into their cruiser/battlecruiser they deserve to lose them in mass.

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