Burst or Multispectral ECM?

Which one should I use for my expedition frigate in case a miner ganker shows up and manages to lock on to me? From what I understand Multispectral ECM is more to prevent lock ons and Burst is more to break lock ons. Is this correct or do I not understand how the two devices work?

You’re better off with the ECM Burst than an unbonused ECM. But you’ve got the general concept right (ish).

Though really, you should just be paying attention and warping out before they manage to lock you up.

I just want an insurance policy. lol So burst is the way to go then. What do you mean by unbonused?

Your mining ship doesn’t have bonuses that would make your ECM modules more effective.

…but you can fit the ecm rig for more burst strength.

And make your mining frigate worse for it…

ECM no longer works in solo fights. The ship that’s doing ECM can now be targeted by its victim, so it’s useless (you can still use ECM drones though). So the burst jammer is the better and only choice.

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