ECM Burst Mechanic

Well, seem to be a nice feature as a GTFO button if it happen to free you from the lock of every tackler around. But what is the effect on ships close to my own in highsec. (ofcourse friendly locks will also burst) Does it make me suspect if the burst hits a friendly ship or any kind of uninvolved party that doesnt or has a lock on me?

As I understand, this is more an aggroing feature, even when it defends my ship from locks, it forces (aggressively) other ships to unlock me.

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ECM Burst = AoE weapon.
Hitting “illegal” targets = CONCORDOKKEN.

Obligatory link to Concordokken


Let me quote you here and let say, you can do that or you can use it tactical.

The whole discussion with @Lugh_Crow-Slave gave me an idea on a new Scorpion fit and it turns out, you can use this module to obstruct justice be done to you Rhiload style.

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I recommend against ECM Bursts in hisec. Way too easy to accidentally effect someone you shouldn’t and get CONCORDOKKEN.

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