Busy Father looking for Corp

I don’t know what kind of corporation to be looking for. I’m a husband and father in my early 30s working full time so I can only consistently sit down for a few hours twice a week to play. If I joined a corporation I’d want to be a part of it, contribute.

And when I do have time to play, I prefer exploration. It’s quiet, simple, and I can sip on whiskey for a nice relaxing evening. I like trading on the market and have started to dip into manufacturing. When I played a few years ago before the little one came along I could make enough ISK to PLEX my account. I’ll have enough time during the week to play the market and keep up with manufacturing jobs, but without being able to sit down and explore consistently, I’m not sure I’ll be able to achieve that.

Right now, I’m a little over 7mil SP and have only been based out of HS though I’ve spent way more time in WH space. So I’d like to expand my experience and move to LS or Null. I’m not super interested in PVP (not completely against trying it), but I wouldn’t mind being a source of support for those that do. I’d still consider myself fairly new despite being competent in exploration.

Anyway, I’m just putting this out there in hopes there is a corporation I’d be a good fit for and vice-versa.

Thanks for reading!

hey man. I’d like to talk with you for just a second. Discord

Dark Side Cookies is a family-friendly corp that is looking for players both old and new. We are a start-up corp that is looking for people who want to do PvE/Indy for the short term. Eventually, we will want to move into null sec, but that is a long way off. My goal for the corp is to have an even split with PvE, Indy and PvP. https://discord.gg/kqXbd9

Rabid Care Bears is currently recruiting new members. We have a core group of members who have been around 10+ years. We are a laid back fun bunch that puts real life first. We all know people have families and jobs. We are mostly US based at the moment and are trying to expand to all time zones. While our corp is mostly Indy at heart we are not afraid to fight. We are looking for pilots of all areas. We live in a nice section of null we with our alliance and we are surrounded by lots of blues. This makes it nice for our miners and ratters. We have access to many full leveled systems with ore anoms for our miners and combat sites for our cap/super ratters. We also have lots for our pvp pilots to do. We have a very active home defense fleet as well as access to many small and large pilot fleets. We are looking for like minded individuals to come fly with us and enjoy the game.

What we can offer:


-very friendly helpful laid back community that allows you to enjoy the game as you please

-lots of access to null sec

-mining fleets with bonuses

-ore/salvage buy back program

  • training fleets

-pvp roams large and small scale

-leveled systems for mining and ratting

  • alliance jump freighter service


-omega account

  • discord and mumble for coms

We are excited to hear from you. Please contact me in game via evemail at Rorianis. I have regular access to this even when not it game so I will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also join the RCB Recruitment channel in game and speak to a

recruitment officer. Fly safe and we look forward to you hopefully joining our eve family.

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