Buying a ship

(Thorin Orlenard) #1

Hi guys, i am a noob and i just bought a Maulus and it hast arrived and it says there is an expiration date, what does that mean and when could i get my ship?
Every help is welcome
Thank you

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(Tygg Essex) #2

You have to fly to the system where the item is located. Then dock in the station where it is sold from. Then it will be in your station inventory.

(Thorin Orlenard) #3

The station is where my corp is located and where i am docked??

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(Tygg Essex) #4

If I am in the system Faurent. When I open my market browser to buy a ship. The ship may be in another system altogether, like Jita. When I buy the ship. I have to leave the station I’m in (in Faurent), and fly to the system (Jita), and dock in the station where the new ship was being sold from. the new ship will be in my station inventory in the station in Jita.

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(Foggy Bernstein) #5

One of the reasons you join a corp is so you have people there to help you in these situations. If they’re not walking you through this procedure, you are in the wrong one.

Just sayin’

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(Nevyn Auscent) #6

Could be a contract.
Could be a buy order not an actual purchase.
Could be your CEO scamming you somehow
Without a screen shot we can’t tell you what is going on.

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(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #7

“expiration date” definitely makes it sound like you placed a buy order. Buy orders aren’t filled immediately, they’re an offer you put on the market for someone to sell one to you - to buy one directly instead you would right-click on whichever SELL ORDER you’re looking at in the market window, and click buy.

(Gerard Amatin) #8

Where does it say ‘expiration date’? And how did you buy the Maulus? What did you do to get it?

Any items you have are visible in your assets window, see alt-t. If you have bought a Maulus remotely on a market in another station, it should show up in your assets window. If it is there, rightclick the location and set it as destination, then fly there in your pod (or other ship) to get to the physical location of your Maulus to board it.

Since you mention an ‘expiration date’: ships do not have expiration dates. Contracts may have expiration dates (that’s a way to buy ships), buy orders may have expiration dates (that’s another way to buy ships), insurance on your ship may have an expiration date (it’s something you put on your ship once you have it). But your ship itself cannot have an expiration date. What happened and where do you see the expiration date?

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(Natocha Daisy) #9

Please don’t call yourself a noob.

(Commander Kane) #10


Newbie maybe but bot a noob. A noob is a person that has been playing for a while but still does not understand basic game mechanics or always dies the same way without learning to adapt.

But yes back on topic. Sounds like you did a buy order, not actually buying the ship. Go to a well known market hub and buy the ship directly from the market. Jita in caldari space, HEK in minnie space, Dodixie in Gallente space, Amarr in… wait for it… Amarr space.

(DeMichael Crimson) #11

Having an expiration date makes me think it’s a public contract.

Hopefully it was a sell contract and not an auction.