Buying ALL Toons INSTANT ISK 💵

You have a deal.


isk and account details sent to Tina

Payment made, transfer in process. Fly safe.

Offer: Character Sheet

52 billion isk for Vartox

hi dude i want buy rorqual toon with good mining and combat drone skills to mining and crabing have you this? send me character info and price please

I sorry I thought you were selling one. I don’t sell any toons I only buy them. I am too cheap to pay the $20 transfer fee

what are you doing with army of toon? xD

We’re all playing Eve. Hes playing Eve - Pokemon edition.

yeah i think xD illimited isk to buy every account and never sell only one mistery pokemon xD

I dress them up in various in game cosmetic items and then play out scenes from my favorite movies.

This month I am working on the dance off scene from the hit 2012 movie Pitch Perfect (Limited Liability plays Anna Kendrick).

Next month I will be working on Star Wars Episode 2, and I need many clones hence my buying patterns here.



Just want a estimate price, and will decide if I wanna sell from that

if ur still interested

I can give you 25b for james

Market have moved a bit from when I last saw this toon, I can give you 205 for Novoros

Any chance of 28?

I could do 26.5b

Give me a day or two to get out of corp and meet selling requirements then