Buying and loading drones

I am trying to set up my Moa with Hobgoblin drones. It can handle 15m3 (metric tons) in the drone bay. My Cargo bay can carry 450 m3 of cargo. I flew to another station and purchased 6 type I Hobgoblin drones. 3 for the drone bay since I can handle 15m3 of drones and 3 extra to put in my cargo bay to take back to my home base. Problem is the site won’t let me load the drones onto my ship.
Although I’m in the same station as the drones I can’t collect them.
At first I thought it was because I hadn’t fulled trained for the them so I stayed the night to wait for my training to be complete. Found a good restaurant …lol and spent the night on my ship waiting to finish qualifying to run them.
Next day all is good with training except I still can’t load my drones onto the ship.

You should be able to put three hobgoblins in the drone bay, then the other three in the normal cargo hold. It should just be drag and drop from the items hangar on to the relevant bit of the active ship.

If you drag and drop into somewhere without the capacity for those items you’ll be told with a popup giving the option to transfer only the number you can.
Shift and dragging gives the same “split transfer” option.

The Drones skill only applies to the number of drones you can launch, not the number you can own. The two figures, drone bay size (in cubic meters not tonnes) and bandwidth (Mbit/sec) define how many drone you have available in space - you can only launch from the drone bay not the cargo hold.

Not sure I can help more without more detail.

The Moa’s not a bad ship. If you’ve fitted raiiguns you’ll have some issues with tracking against small targets (hence drones). The other trick is to use a stasis webifier and a MWD to break for range to force them to chase you in a straight line behind you.

You cannot move Drones from your Cargohold into the Drone Bay without the use of a Fitting Service, like an anchored Mobile Depot, a nearby Capital ship, or by being docked in a Station/Citadel.

My problem is that I can’t even move them into my ship’s hanger.
That’s the reason I flew 2 systems over to get them. So I could bring them back to my home port but it won’t even let me drop and drag them into my ships hanger/cargo bay.

Can you provide a screenshot? Are you getting some kind of an error message?

My problem was I was trying to drag and drop from my “inventory or assets” screen to the ship when I needed to go to the actual bases item hanger and put them in the ship.

Glad to see Eve’s got an active forum like this.


I suspect a simple misunderstanding. Let’s make sure we’re seeing the same thing. You have your item hangar with 6 drones and your ship cargo with none open side by side:

If you try to drag the drones to your cargo it fails?:

If that’s true, something is very wrong! Use the windows snipping tool to let us see the scenario.

My problem was I wasn’t using the item hanger window were the drones were stored.
I was looking at them in my locate inventory screen and trying to move them from there into the ships hanger. Won’t work because it’s not an actual item window but an information window.

I’d not tried dragging from the assets window before - that could well have confused me since it’s analogous to dragging blueprints from the list in the Industry window to the hold of a ship.
And that works.

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