CCP, Please give these ships 20 power grid. Compared to Gallente and Amarr, they lack versatility. I’ve been wanting to publicly say this for years as it’s always been off putting. You give the Buzzard more mid slots but not enough power to use them effectively, while giving them no drones and 1 launcher port. Yet you open up the Athema while it has fewer mid slots it has two launcher and two turret spots along with 3 low slots and 4 mid slots, along with 3 high slots making it far better for survival. Make it so going up from a T1 as caldari and minmatar is not a step backwards. The T1 counter parts have more versatility in those races.

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ALWAYS threw me off that these 2 hulls basically MUST utilize another slot for a fitting mod, typically a low.

The fact that even a cheetah cannot fit a full rack of Mids with a compact MWD and only 2 highs without a fitting mod is silly. NVM the buzzard with it’s extra mid.

They don’t have to have it up to 20, but +2 base PG from 15-17 will actually help a lot.

Just in general Covert Ops frigs need an update.

That being said this belongs in the Suggestions forum.

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Agreed 100% with you.

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