[BYMC] Backyard Mining Company is recruiting! [US-TZ] - Indy/PvP/PvE

––About Us––
• Newbro/Vet friendly
• US-TZ Based
• HS Corp with LS access via Alliance
• No fleet requirements. We just ask that people participate when possible. RL comes first!

––What We Offer––
• 0% Corp Tax
• Corp Discord
• PvE/Mining Fleets
• PvP Fleets via Alliance
• Place for New and Old players to relax and have fun
• Access to Indy for BPCs or Build Orders
• Moon Rocks (R4-R64)

Inquire on our discord today!

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these the boi’s. would recommend

Come join us in discord!

Come join us today!

Come chat and see what we are about!

Still recruiting new members. Come say hi!

Come join the crew today!

Come check out our Discord!

Come be a part of our crew!

Come check us out and join today!

Come join our discord and let’s chat.

Been getting some awesome new members. Come join us today!

Come check the corp out on our Discord!

Come say hi today!

We are still looking for capsuleers to join us. Come join the discord and say hi!

Come join us today!

Still looking for new members, come check us out!

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