C1 Dream Home for Sale

Ever wanted to live in WH space?
Thought of moving your corp into a fresh WH system?

Save literal years of time with a prestaged C1 WH setup complete with many structures and ships already there inside! Easily defensible position with only a small crew.
The owner got dreadfully bored in this impregnable and quiet location, but if thats what you’re looking for, give Prince Seraghis a shout in game :slight_smile:

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Nice advertisement… and intriguing…

However, from the vague description of many structures and ships ready for use, I’d guess the ISK price for that WH to be triple trillions.

J150818? C1 Pulsar with eight planets, decent mix of PI and a crapton of moons?

The c1 you lost your Vargur in? The Vargur that had to be built in the system due to c1 mass limits?

That c1?

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Hey a c1 can be a cool little place for a small corp…


C1 is ONLY good for PI, Gas, and occasional PVE.

I have taught my corp to do the bare minimum with C1s. Get that PI out. Clear sites every now and then. Maybe roll the WHs if you are bored. Find a HS static and you are doing really good.

If you can get 0% POCO tax set up in the c1 even better!

I don’t buy this someone wants you evicted you will be evicted. Period.

You can haul packaged battleships in via DSTs. But again really not worth it. Especially when WH space has tons of bombers (bane of battleships).


My bad. I had a brainfart and totally forgot about that, even though it’s something I do regularly.

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The WH has been sold. Thank you all :slight_smile:

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:joy: I am really impressed at your salesperson skills.

I hope they know about the lack of sites for sometimes days at a time.

Mr Tony laying out truth bombs here

That particular system would suit a mining Corp.
It has a lot of moons.

Why mine in WH space when the moons there are literally the same as HS?!

Maybe they want to build capitals. :thinking: I tell you what that is a dream of a lot of small indy corps and my group did try but we were too small sadly. “C1 fort Knox”

I have no idea why anyone would want to live in a C1 to begin with.

As I said, it has a lot of moons. The planet mix is pretty decent for PI.

Hisec static for miner ganking operations…

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