C2 Wormhole Team Looking for Indy Pilots. USTZ We'll Teach You!

We need your miners.
We need your builders
We need your haulers
We don’t need selfies
We need your skills

C2 WH Operation with a C2 and Low sec static. Nice low traffic to get all those ABC ores, relics/data, ratting and a fun group of guys. Moon drills planned, citadels dropped and may more operations planned.

We are a chill group of guys building up our corp. We have been adding members and adding activities.

Looking for indy guys and pve guys. We do have some pvp guys and connection to our FW friends.

If you’re looking for that leadership role we need those too.

So drop your selfie sticks, dust off your ships and fly on over to apply.

*Edit: This needs to be said. Please don’t apply with your 1 day old “new to the game” toons. Please apply with your main character. Looking for real people who want to have fun and chill not the whole Eve spai BS. Real people only!

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We just added some new bros. Still looking for more. Message me on here or in game.

Need those PVE/Indy guys. If you’re tired of high sec ganks, want to try you hand at something new, looking to make better isk at things you’re already doing or maybe you want to try things like huffing gas or building T3s we might be a good fit.

We also have a pvp element for those of you who enjoy small gang roams.

Send your Corp application to Minmatar Kickass or message me and we’ll chat.

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