C4 [C3/6-S] Smart WH Operations [US/EU TZ]


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still recruiting. Available this morning.

(Talon Karda) #23

Evening ops

(Talon Karda) #24

Train home and free to field any questions.

(Talon Karda) #25

Wednesday recruiting. Available on discord or in-game after 7:00 PM CST today.

(Talon Karda) #26

Looking for a few more for EU TZ spots

(Talon Karda) #27

Status: Available to recruit you. Wow thats cheesy!

(Talon Karda) #28

US TZ needs a motivated FC that I can throw players at since I dont have the time with operations and recruitment.

(Talon Karda) #29

Available for any questions on discord/in-game

(Talon Karda) #30

WH Training gratis since it benefits us all. #wintogether #failtogether

(Talon Karda) #31

Available in game/discord tonight.

(Talon Karda) #32

US TZ filling up

(Talon Karda) #33

Available on discord/in-game for questions

(Talon Karda) #34

Looking for a all player levels especially a few vets or players to support WH pvp. Rattle/Nestor pilots needed as well.

(Talon Karda) #35

Available today to chat in regards to recruitment. Or philosophy if wanted :smiley:

160m SP player, returning after 2 years
Looking for an EU corp and a new direction
100m Main + Useful alts need new home
Looking for a new place to call home
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Get some goo>!?!

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(Talon Karda) #39

Available through US evening on Discord

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