C4 (C3,C5) static Wh corp looking for pilots

Welcome to the K Hole. We are not responsible for any out of body experiences that may occur. We are a group of like minded space dogs with a focus on pvp and exploration. Our operation takes place in the realm of BOB, far from the prying eyes of the empire. Calvin’s K hole Public Chat

K Hole and Hofmann’s Heros offer a number of services including but not limited to ~
*SRP for fleet ops/provided ships
*Frieghter services
*Loot, Ore, Gas, Ice buy back
*Skillbooks and knowledge for newbros
*Discord voice comms
*Alliance website

What we require ~
*Full API and registration with our website
*Discord and mic
*Omega clone
*Alts are allowed but main must be in corp

If you are interested in joining contact
Jackaroo Chanlin

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how many actyive members do you have at one time and around the clock



convo me if interested !





Still looking?




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