C5>C3 WH group Looking for new members. PVP'ers wanted

Conquering Darkness is now Open!

We’ve come from all over to settle down in C5>C3 wormhole space and looking to add some more pilots to our ranks. Conquering Darkness is ran by a very capable group with over 15 years experience. Infrastructure is fully online for new members to enjoy. We live in a C5 Wolf-Rayet with a C3 static

We’re mainly a PVP focused corporation, but have opportunities for money-making through avenues of site running, mining,PI, and industry.

What we are looking for…
*Active PvPers
*Register on EVE-HR
*Be active on comm (TS3) and in the fleet when logged in
*Able and willing to train into corporation doctrine ships
*Able to Use/fly a covops cloak ship with scanning probes and a scram
*Be on corps discord and siggy
*Have Fun

What we offer you…
*Active USTZ PvP
*C5 space for making money
*Good leadership
*SRP on corporation fleet fights
*Comms (TS3) Discord
*Access to moon mining

Corp Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98190867/
Corp Discord: https://discord.gg/kJp2Tng
Recruitment Channel: Y790 Public

Corp recruitment is still open Join discord today!!

if any of you have questions feel free to join our corps discord linked above, The corp is are still looking for new members to join our ranks


APPLY HERE https://y790.guildtag.com/p/apply/

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