Calculating ROI and what percentage is acceptable?

Trying to get back into trading, was trying to get an idea if what I am doing is actually on the right path for what others would find acceptable. Signed up for eve-mogul on 12/30/17, started off with 10.5b seed money and according to eve-mogul up 605m so far. Debating on if I should devote more time into it or get out.

What’s you’re aim in eve?

Did the 605 mil you made feel like work or fun?

How much of your active playtime did that take, is it something relatively passive that you can do whilst doing things you enjoy.

Obv from a traders point of view, you want to stop trading and make it easier for every other trader :slight_smile:

Just looking for options on funding my PvP. I definitely find it more interesting than mining and ratting. Not very passive at least not where I was trying to do it, most of my profit came from being active so would eat up a bit of my play time.

That’s your answer then…

There’s always plex to fund your pvp

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