Caldari blue light

Where oh where is my Caldari blue light? All i wanted from my Caldari station was a blue light. But now I must see some kind of Amarr red light, or some other strange light. Why can I not see my Caldari ship in the light of such blue? Such is the color of blue.

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What about purest green?


Tape a blue gel filter over your monitor.

Glad I could help.

Apologies, capsuleer. Perhaps this rousing choice of music will help cheer you up.


reported for trolling


You reported the ISD rep?

Oh yes!


Did that post have you feeling blue?


Never so much blue over such a thing as blue light. Why must we see a red light in such a station that needs blue light? For those who love blue white light than let them rejoice in the sight of such light.

Such is the sound of blue, but not the sight of bluish white light in the station of Caldari home.

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