Caldari Merlin woes]

hi,im having a nightmare with this part of the early game. I completed 13 tasks on the seekers inveration. was told to dock by the tutorial lead,opened my inventory,redeemed what i was due and was given a merlin. then was asked to open fittings and select the highlighted modules and equip them. and here lies the problem, i can’t find these modules anywhere. so i tried to equip it out myself,but when i try to undock i get a warning the some modules are not turned on/equipt… its been a good hour i’ve been looking,trying to find the dialogue the tutorial, can’t find that. kinda stuck…thinking off quitting and restarting with another account. so any help would be greatly appreciated

The items should be in your inventory. When you are docked up, open your inventory, one of the “neocom” icons on the left side of the screen and look for them there. Then open your fitting window and click and drag them to your ship.

If you still can’t find them you have a couple options. Maybe you redeemed them in a different station. If so, you can go to “assets” in your neocom, search for them there, then right click on the station and “set destination” to fly to the right one. It is also possible you put them in the cargo hold of one of your ships, so check those.

If all else fails, you can buy the items from the market.

Hapenned exactly same thing, i think you did not invested points in skills that Aura give you(skillbooks). Raise both for 1 and it should allow you to use tutorial stuff modules that turns off without this skills.

Though, get stuck later and had to reroll a character as well-_-

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