"Call to Glory: A Rallying Cry for Victory"

“Soldiers of EVE! You are the descendants of brave warriors who have so often shed their blood for glory. We will show our opponents that we are still the same fighters of old, who know how to conquer! As Sun Tzu said, ‘Every battle is won or lost before it is ever fought.’ We have prepared, refined our strategies, and strengthened our resolve. Let us show posterity that we are invincible, and that our enemies are but dust in the wind against our might. Prepare for victory, soldiers, for today we make history!”

CCP care so much about my ‘glory’ that they can’t even be bothered creating a proper combat log that records all the kills I’ve been involved in. How about it…CCP ? I’d appreciate that a lot more than being able to make my ship look like a raspberry ripple ice cream.