Calling all bounty hunters

This business has been running for a good while, but they failed to keep it alive by deliberately keeping it secret for so long, that too many, who took part in it, left without caring for replacement.

He’s basically now trying to find ways of easily making money, without any efforts. They put that on themselves and now they’re suffering for it.

Just trying to encourage the poor guy.

But for sure not investing in this venture…

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Encouragement is good.
Too bad he’s a lazy bum. :frowning:

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@Maekchu I’m well aware of eve’s history with holding corps and know to expect resistance to the idea. And honestly if we’re talking Chribba level isk reserves in the payout wallet division then something is going wrong somewhere I think.

@Solstice_Projekt Actually I’ve put quite a bit of time into running this service. Especially when we have pool bounties open it can take a long time to process the claims. Going through my mail, checking kill boards and having to cross reference each claim with my spreadsheet for each claim can take time. There have been occasions where I’ve spent all day processing claims and it can get very tedious. You’re vastly underestimating the amount of time and commitment that it all can take.

That was with a group of people who knew how the system works and who all talk to each other in-game, that’s not to say they didn’t make mistakes with more than one person in a fleet filing for the claim or that one of their corp contacts or fleet pickups didn’t try to exploit the system. Now imagine opening that up to the public who probably aren’t even going to read the post explaining how to claim and what you can and can’t claim for. Granted we’ve had no claims yet but imagine if the service was accepted. You’d have no idea if a claim was an erroneous one until you read the mail and looking at the kill and cross referencing with your spreadsheets etc. Would you be willing to take that amount of time away from your playtime for free?

And it’s not that we’ve failed to keep a business alive. This was a service amongst “friends” at first to avoid the pitfalls of the eve bounty system whilst providing those who we knew who wanted to place bounties with those we knew who wanted to hunt bounties. That was always the point of the system and it was doing what it was meant to. Now our goals have changed.

Does the end of this service mean I no longer have to live in fear of bounty hunters?

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I don’t get why everyone’s crying scam. He’s looking for hunters not isk. If you blow up the target and he doesn’t pay then say so, you got a dank kill regardless.

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Time to log your alts in I see.

I’ve had big booty for a while now and I’m tired and frustrated with people constantly hunting my ass every time I undock to go get Kentucky Fried Chicken. CCP ruined my game when they introduced the exciting new feature of booties, booty hunting and retribution as consequence of actions in a sandbox that is no longer a sand box but a watered down theme park with flaccidity of excitement to be gained from even saddling up anymore. Please leave me alone and stop pursuing me.

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@Shadowed_Veil - check your EVE mail.

I hope to be a mercenary one day. It’d be cool.

Oh I see, the sarcasm hurt? Bounty hunters? In eve, where?

Censor all you like buit this is some dystopia of aggressive gamers gone wild, lol-> ON TOPIC.

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Nope, Goons have titans, and they are “protected species”

Go on, git.

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