[CalMil FW] United Caldari Navy is Recruiting

From small to big fleets.
Today was a quick skirmish Battle Report Tool

Mess with Squid, lose all your quid.

bumpy bumpzz

Largest corp in Caldari - Gallente warzone.

largest and also has the most exotic strippers

Great corp benefit

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Large community, active fleets, everyone welcome!

Always looking for members, friends and spies.

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We are growing, join! For some reason a lot of Spanish people joined us recently.

Take a look at this Thread regarding the Bumping Rules in in here.

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We are still recruiting members for FW!

Lot’s of PVP and plexing fights happening, join UCN and get in on the fun.


I joined two months ago and have had more content in UCN than before I left three years ago.

Nice corp, great to join!

A bunch of friendly guys. I joined 2 months ago and am frequently in the top 3 on the killboard. Great content too.

What times (Eve clock) are you all usually on? I’ve stopped by your chat room a couple times over the last two days and it has been empty.

We are EU and US based. Ingame public chat is irrelevant as people come and go there. Recruitment is on discord for 99% of corps :slight_smile: