[CalMil FW] United Caldari Navy is Recruiting

Black ops, roams, plexing, we have it all.

recruitment still open

Recruiters online many times of the day! Extremely active corp, lots of perks!

Active in all timezones!

We are the winning team, join today.

Pvp, black ops, roams we have it all.

We took two new systems from the Gallente today. Join the winning team.

Join today.

Another system fell from Gallente to Caldari today and UCN lead the fight. Join today.

Join today.

recruiting pvp pilots

Good group of pilots, laid back. Lots of fun

Roams, plexing, black ops fleets in every time zone.

The Gallente are on the run. Join the winning team.

What Gallente? :rofl:

Join today.

FW is the hottest place to be in EVE. Come join us!

Join today.

We are attacking on a new front soon, join today.

Lots of active fleet, content around the clock! Join us for the fun