Camera rotation/viewing request

When press and holding your “D-scan” or “Track” button while pressing anything in your overview, your camera will look in this direction.

When pressing and holding your “D-scan” or “Track” button while pressing anything in the “Probe window” will NOT make your camera look in this direction… Except when the “Solar system map” is opened.

Could we change this behaviour in which the camera view does rotate to an anomaly or other signature without the need to open the Solar system map?

It seems to not matter if you use the strategical or orbit camera, effect remains the same, the need to always have my solar system map open.
If others could test and verify, because I rather hope the problem is on my end.

Afaik what you are describing is the default behavior for me as well.
The camera does not track anomalies from the probe window while you hold down the hotkey.

Thanks for confirming,
looks like an easy change for ccp to implement.
fingers crossed.

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