Tracking camera and probe scan window

The tracking camera is a feature that I think most of us really enjoy and find useful. I would like to propose some added functionality with it and the probe scan window.

The Problem

Currently there’s no good way to go about d-scanning results from your probe scan window. The only method right now is to basically spin your camera around looking for the signature while using the markers on your capacitor UI as a guide, or to align to said result and narrow your d-scan from there in the direction your ship is traveling. This leaves an experience that is clunky, slow, and sub-optimal.

The Solution

I would like to see the tracking camera have some functionality within the probe scan window. We’re already able to click on something in the overview and have the camera “snap” to it to make things like narrow-angle d-scans easier. I picture this being possible with anoms and signatures that you scan down to 100%.

I am not a developer and know nothing about coding, but I just know that this would be one QOL change that many would be pleased with.

@CCP_Fozzie ?

set dscan to 5 degrees
hold dscan hotkey
click on item in probe scanner
watch in amazement as dscan scans the thing you want

so yeah… this is already a thing

Tracking camera doesn’t currently function with the probe scan window.

Example: You click on a Sanctum and the tracking camera centers in it making it easier to d-scan.

Just hold the dscan button (V by default) when you click the sanctum. It will dscan the sanctum.


The problem is that you need to find the Sanctum in the in-space brackets and cannot just click on the Sanctum in the Probe Window to face the camera towards it.

That’s been my experience. Clicking on the anoms inside of the probe scan window doesn’t center your tracking camera on that signature.

I will have to try what they claim will work, which is holding down the dscan key and then clicking on the anoms in the probe scan window.

It does work, the camera doesn’t change position, but the sire is still scanned down.

Yeah looks like it works. heh. TIL. :slight_smile: