Can a character run a burner missions requested by a different character?

I have a L4 missioner that is mainly trained is all things shield and missiles. I want to try runner the burner missions using the nergal with various fits. However, it would be a lot of training on that character to get the necessary armor and other support skills up to be effective with that. My main would be much better for using something like that. My question is if there is anyway for my main character to run a mission that my missioner pulled? I believe the burners (at least the ones where you go up against various npc assault frigs) only allow one player through the gate but I’m not positive.

You can accept it with one and run it with another. You’ll have to lead the the character to the site via fleet, but you certainly can run it with a different char.

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Bookmarking it in a shared folder also works.

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