Nergal for burners question

I have never flown Nergal, but this morning I completed the mastery skill set for it, because why not.

I can do every burner mission with their “classic” recommended ship choice in relative comfort. Cruor usually takes a little longer than the rest because of the big armor buffer to chew through, but no issues. Is Nergal actually better for getting vs any specific burner, or if you already got the ships it’s not worth using?

I tried Nergal and it works best for longer fights with single target, due to how damage ramps up. I guess it’s worth skilling into it if you can’t fly all the different traditional frigates for burners, but if you can already fly them all it’s kind of barely worth it (maybe for Cruor?).

Having said that, I decided to keep Nergal, with all the modules to refit for any mission, in my backup mission hubs, to be able to handle any occasional burner, while keeping full collection of burner frigates in primary and secondary mission hubs, since I already had those set up anyway.

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