Can a Dreadnought jump into 0.5 systems?

Op has to be trolling.

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You know I should create a pilot with the name Edgelord.
Because I push to limits.
People say that I’m going places, extreme places.
I am battle ready the very moment I undock and you wanna know why? Cause I walk between the raindrops.

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how the null secs wish they could

This thread is a great example of why RL skills are more important than game skills and why progression in EVE is not linier, big ships do not equal end game.

Just accept the chaos in which it brings.

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Buying a cap without knowing how to use it usually ends well.

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It may end well for someone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :skull_and_crossbones:

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I just insured it so plan to be in space on the weekend solo ratting.

This thread should end with a nice .gif of… the “fate” of that dreadnought. Good on you Iceacid for not giving a ■■■■ about losing stuff.

2 Likes live now & about to undock o/

1st of many Dreads, so I wish to invite everyone everyone to come join in on this bbq.


Posting in what looks like an epic thread.

Good luck @Iceacid_Frostpacker, and most of all I wish you to have fun with it.


My god… the “cyno up” in local… classic.

Yeah and makes me wonder could this had been the trigger for the Sept Cyno changes?

Could I have pushed the button?

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That wasn’t the point. The point was that if you are so new that you don’t know this stuff, then you are just going to lose that Dread anyway, along with nearly everything else you fly. If you can afford to yolo caps, well, more power to you I guess…

Should I keep it docked for another 6 months? I really want to fly around in high sec, but we all know that is not allowed in high sec even without the guns like how I had traveled to now just outside Hek gate.

When is the right amount of time before a fresh pilot of New Eden to fly something so big and powerful?

I thought it was “Frankenstein”.

The difference is Frankenstein is made from the frozen corpses which Frostpacker collects.

Okay… a serious question deserves a serious response:

  • As ships get bigger so do their reliance on good character skills, knowledge of game mechanics, and need for teamwork with other players.
    Fooling around with Battleships will give you a decent idea on what it is like to work with capitals.
    Honestly… the only fundamental differences between capitals and Battleships are that…
    – capitals are MUCH slower (aligns slow, accelerates slow, warps slow)
    – more hyper-specialized towards certain roles (“drones” OR guns… no point defense)
    – are more vulnerable alone (finding a “solo” capital ship often elicits a “must kill or die trying” mentality among players… so expect to be “dogpiled”)
    – have a jump drive
    Beyond that capitals are simply MUCH beefier battleships.

  • The best way to learn how to operate a capital is to take part in capital operations with other players.
    This may take some time though as players are VERY cautious about revealing their capital ship activities to people who have just joined them. So you will have to build trust first (which you can do by simply playing with them for awhile).
    Because everyone wants a capital ship on their killboard.

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Yesterday and the duing the week I had stripped 22 skill extractors from this pilot as it clearly is clearly coming to an end. I had fun the other night on live stream and didn’t lose it nor did I care to as I had not even fitted weapons on the first undock. Moved it from being close to Jita to now being very close to Hek all via low sec gate jumping.

Maybe I need to revisit this in future as it wouldn’t concern me if I lost 1 a week but it seems others are more concerned on who flys them. I don’t expect other pilots to yolo with me in their capitals.

I decided to just keep it docked and do something else like return to moon mining as it didn’t worry me losing one to wardecs I would just put up another station.

I might let this thread go as it might just seem like I am trolling but really a dread is just an overpriced battleship with the ability to fit cheap fittings that packs a punch. IDK if they are such a sort after item I guess I can find something else to entertain myself. I’m here for me and really I don’t know what else to reply back with.

Thank you for your concerns and help. I will be fine what ever I do in New Eden.


Mmmmm… despite the abrasiveness/trolling that you are reading from this thread the concern is coming from a good place.

It is not a matter of “who flys them” as much as it is “how much experience do you have to fly them” and “you should probably revise your expectations.”

Anyone can fly a capital.
But as I mentioned before, capitals are hyper-specialized. And they are expensive.
For the price of one capital ship you can purchase many other ships, fittings, and/or structures… allowing you to experience more of the game for a longer period of time with a possibly greater degree of satisfaction (as opposed to “undock in giant space-dick, fly around and see what trouble can be had, then have said space-dick run through a meat grinder in 30 seconds by a torrent of bloodthirsty players”).

That experience (and the connections you make with other players along the way) then builds upon itself to the point where you can fly a capital ship competently.