Can a Vexor run C1 sites?

What ship would I need (gallente) to run a c1 wormhole (im an alpha.)

I think the minimum is “well-tanked cruiser.”

“Vexor” fits the “cruiser” part, but there’s a difference between Tech 1 defenses / weapons, and Tech 2 “well fitted” (defenses, weapons, rigs, cap management, overheating, the works).

Also, Sleeper AI goes after drones like crazy, and the Vexor is a drone boat; the wormhole NPCs will preferentially kill your drones. Might be better to take a gun ship (Thorax, Brutix).

I’ve run C1 sites in an alpha flying a tristan (it takes forever… I just wanted to prove a point) so it should be possible for a vexor as well, if you know what you’re doing.

A battlecruiser is probably the safer (in terms of PVE at least) choice. I’ve seen (and shot) plenty of alphas in gnosis in C1-C3 wormholes.

You CAN take the Vexor with drones, just have to manage “aggro” without a taunt button.

Sleepers switch targets to the highest threat, and for the Vexor, drones do the damage so they’re the highest threat. You can make your Vexor the highest threat if you use electronic warfare jammers (ECM, sensor dampener, energy neutralizer, target painter, weapon disruptor, stasis webifier), or, if you bring a friend, remote repairs (remote shield transfer, remote armor repair).

I thought this had been disproven? My understanding was that it was true a few years ago, but then CCP changed the aggro mechanics so that EW didn’t have any effect. Other than drone size vs target size, I’ve never been able to divine any consistent pattern to drone aggro or found a way to mitigate it beyond recalling and relaunching.

That said, I’ve never had any problem using drones against sleepers as long you’re willing to manage them and accept some losses.

I don’t know, actually.

Sometimes it works wometimes it doesnt. Sleepers will change target no matter what tbh, sometimes it takes 2 mins sometimes it takes 5 mins, but they will change.

Ive used a shield stratios for c1 and c2 sites, it can be done. In general shields are better for PVE because most of your damage and application is in low slots (gyro’s, drone damage, etc.)
If you want, you can use t3 dessies for c1 and speed tank it.

Use this site to view wormhole site stats:

Do Perimeter Hangar in C2 with a vni, you’ll them in 10 minutes for 15M isk and you can get an extra 5 min in salvage per anom

High :
Pobe scanne, and the drone range thing
Mid :
10mn ab, cap rechager/booster
one eanm, one dc, one medium armor rep and DDA for the last slots

You should be cap stable and have a good transverval when closing to the BS

I’m moving in to a c1 wormhole and I need to rrdo all my fits, everything’s built for local rats. :sweat:

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