Can alpha copy bpo?

Can alpha players copy bpos? Are there any negative effects?

You can train Science to 4, so you get the 20% bonus to copying speed from that, but no skill for bonus job slots, so it’s one copy job per alpha. If you want to use this, you’ll have a lot of logging between toons to do, but I guess it’s possible.

I meant for those who already had it trained… if i let a sub go inactive can i still copy off that account perfect like i can now

No, you do not retain Omega skills or research slots that you can’t have as an Alpha if you let your sub go inactive…

Thanks, figured that

If I have 10 BPOs copying and turn alpha mid copy, any negative effects? Stops copying?

Nope, same with me/te efficiency. All jobs will still continue as normal with the remaining time they had before going alpha and you will be able to deliver them without issues.

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