Can anyone confirm if CCP is considering a massive reset?

Is this true? will all the skills i was training, and assets i was gaining, all get reset one day?

Has CCP stated 100% they will not do this? or is it on the table?

Doing so would be suicide for the company. They won’t do that.


I don’t believe there is any risk they will do that ever.

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yeah, i was considering coming back but i’ve seen a lot of people saying it was being discussed. I really want to know, so i can make my decision.

Don’t know what they are basing that on, because no one at CCP has said anything like that, either in writing or at any of the mini-fanfest meets.

Not a rumour with any real substance behind it currently.


Confirmation bias is a powerful thing among conspiracy theory crafting gamers and the gullible players that worship them.

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Wow Classic anyone?!
August 27th!

Nope, but adding back skill point loss because you didn’t update your medical clone would be a great thing. But they shouldn’t add the medical clone back up, just the loss…and no, not just T3 ships. ALL OF THEM from the newb ships up to Titans and even structures if your butt is sitting in one.

Would fix the whole problem, cause CCP is turning from player based creating content to “lets use the far east gaming concept, NPC hordes” but in EVE don’t work. OP NPCs the players should gather up to defeat…but in EVE most players consider each other a target rich enviroment? Whats next, a PVP flag toggle ?


  1. Sit at Gates
  2. Gank you with alpha strikes, yes even the current Trig frigs have destroyed freighters (saw one Providence wreck with my own eyes and not even an hour later some other tard flying his Obelisk aligning)
  3. Burn down structures now
  4. Removal of local
  5. Whats in store for next week Batman?

Hell, if you want to homogenize the game so NPC = Player the skill point loss would be a great thing cause tears are awesome. Player A hate shooting NPC, Player B hate being shot at by Player A, but first Players type hate teaming up with second Players type. Both types hate each other, want one reward without much risk…losing skill points for both types of players is unbiased; player shoot player or player podded by NPC. All the risk, no damn reward.

But I digress, needs more risk and even less reward is all I want to say. Greater desctuction of property, loss of skillpoints (invested time), we all want that regardless of the reason (which is no damn reward).

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AFAIK there has never been so much as a hint of a whisper of a shred of a notion that CCP would reset the main game.

Some hysterical nutjob probably confused a discussion about the test server or a technology experiment with talk about the game. A reset would be tantamount to corporate suicide.

The closest idea I have ever heard tossed about would be of an EVE: Rebirth (or EVE Classic if you will) separate server launch - with everyone starting from scratch. This has been a fan-proposed idea; I don’t think I’ve heard anyone at CCP discuss it seriously.

Up to about 5 years ago, the game might have been able to support a separate, fresh-start server. I doubt it has the player numbers and/or interest any more to consider splitting the population between two different game versions.


It is. Just different context.

Fake rumor started by person wanting to confirm fake rumor.


yes CCP has announced a reset. Next tuesday at 11:00.
Everybody will be impacted. CCP came to the conclusion it was definitely needed.

You have more information here


Eve is largely a game of player driven politics and economics in a sandbox. A reset would totally destroy the game since it would take years for the complex systems that make the game worth playing to evolve again - if they ever did. There will never be a reset or an Eve 2.0, CCP will continue to underpin the foundations of the existing game. Sometimes we’ll appreciate their effort - sometimes not!

The idea was brought up in another thread by someone as a joke. Someone else must have read it and ran with the rumor.

CCP has its hands full now playing Russian roulete with the invasions so I don’t think their going to reset everyone’s skills for a while. :laughing:

They have not explicitly said they won’t to my knowledge, but neither has there been even the slightest hint that they have considered this. I think you are just hearing wishful thinking bouncing around the echo chamber.

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Wiping out almost seventeen years of player history would be the stupidest thing ever.

There’s no plan to “reset EVE”.

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