Can anyone help me clear up this misunderstanding thanks so much

So I caught up with a guy friend in a low-sec system who I hadn’t seen in a while and it was kind of dangerous to bring him back to Jita because I saw a pirate gatecamp on the way in to pick him up, so I thought we’d go the long way through Minmatar space, you know, for safety and stuff. I mean my ship wasn’t bad and I could have probably got through the camp okay but why take chances with a passenger who isn’t a capsuleer, you know. Anyway, the long trip took a while and we were having a nice time catching up and it was really good talking and he’s kind of cute actually and was rubbing my feet a lot and that was nice and then he started on my back and that was nice too and then anyway while we were autopiloting customs did a scan on our ship and I think they got the complete wrong idea.


I mean, okay I get how it looks, but it’s not like that, you know. So I had to either part with him and pay a small fee, or they were going to blow up the ship, with him in it, which seemed a bit crazy hardcore after all I didn’t have a pod for him and he didn’t do anything wrong, you know? So I just paid the small fine because that seemed much more humane and plus I really liked my ship, and they took him away and confiscated our communication channels and that was that, but I wonder if any of you have any tips on how I can resolve this misunderstanding with customs. Like I totally tried to explain it but they were pretty convinced of their side of the story and weren’t persuaded at all so I’m not really sure how to explain it any better or maybe appeal it because I’m not sure how the legal system works there so tips appreciated thanks because it would be nice to catch up with him again. Oh and if you see him around his name is Ingirpur Vermuggur and no I don’t quite know how to pronounce that but I’m sure you people who live down that way know so just tell him hello and tell him I’m doing the Jita trade route these days, he’s probably like still somewhere in Abudban system I guess anyway thanks so much.

If all goes as it usually does, customs processed him and turned him over to one of the local refugee charities. He will contact you if he so chooses.

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Thanks for this! I guess I’ll just get someone to reach out to the charities there so he knows where I’m at (much better than dealing with the legal system) and then the ball’s in his court. Much appreciated.

You say he’s “a friend”, but you can’t even pronounce his name ?

Hey, it’s hard for me, okay? Lots of hard consonants. Don’t judge.

I’ll judge who I want, when I want. I’m a 9th level grand master at being judgemental.

I hereby judge you as being guilty of the sin of slave-fondling, which ofc is Written as being an Abomination unto the Lord.

There was no wandering hands thank you very much.

And even if there was, it was him who was doing it. So it’s not really slave fondling if the slave was doing the fondling, was it? You know, if he was a slave, which he totally wasn’t, and he wasn’t fondling either. Just to be clear.

You literally said feet rubbing was occurring.

And being the fondler or fondlee does not matter, what matters is that fondling occurred between a free person and a slave, which is a sin.

And if he wasn’t a slave, the Republic forces wouldn’t have rescued him from your ship. They’re not buffoons.

It was like a massage, very pro. I don’t think that counts as a sin if the masseuse is good at it.

I’m sure I’m not the only one this kind of mix-up has happened to. People make mistakes. I forgive though because I’m a forgiving person.

Anyway Elsebeth has been very helpful and you’ve been very not very helpful. So thanks again, @Elsebeth_Rhiannon .

Well, you’re wrong.

I’m not going to enable slave abusers on the IGS. So nyeeh.

I’ll just agree to disagree and leave it at that.

Yea, just don’t be too surprised if you never hear of him again.

Respectable charities won’t answes inquiries of this kind, not even to confirm or deny if the person you’re looking for has showed up on their doorstep. They might pass your info to him if they know where he is.

Of course, not everyone on this field is respectable, either.


Okay, so it does seem like he would be quite challenging to track down, and I shouldn’t worry about it too much. If he turns up, he turns up.

That’s very helpful, thank you!

Just ignore Valerie. It’ll help the signal-to-noise ratio across the board.

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Discussing anything with customs is pointless. Already tried that route. Ended up doing it my way eventually and reaching the goal intended.
…just few small kinks to iron out left (cough cough).

If you know where he is now and really care for your friend you could seize the opportunity and use the comming turmoil ramp up (confirmed that with my pirate source at Zarzakh) to get him out. With the help of the pirate capsuleers. They will get ground operations capability for short window of 4 days. Starting this Thursday at noon. They will test new warclone technology found in Zarzakh station (and I will test mine on the occasion) then.

Seems doable to bust out your friend with their help.

Excuse me, but this is Minmatar customs. They have no reason to keep anyone of the Tribes against their will, unless it’s a known criminal. No “busting out” is necessary.

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Duly noted. I wish good luck to your “friend” then. Over and out.

I mean, the whole point of them getting involved was to liberate someone who showed up as a slave… it’d be pretty counterproductive to ‘free’ him by… imprisoning him, yeah?

Honestly, people have the weirdest ideas. Anyway, Aubud’s home these days, so I’ll put out some feelers among the Clan and if I hear anything about this guy, maybe I’ll pass it along. We’re mostly RSS, but I wouldn’t rule out some Customs connections.

I don’t see why any use of force would be required. That’s just weird, like, totally not my style, I don’t do those kinds of things. Not much good at that sort of thing anyway to be perfectly honest.

I’m sure that if he runs into any of my people he’ll make himself known.


They did not know that. What they did know is that your ship was transporting an enslaved brother. That is illegal in Republic territory. So they handled the situation according to existing procedures. If we stopped following procedures and responded to such incidents based on our own moral compass, Republic high security space would be littered with Amarrian wrecks.