Can be closed

(Dokarr Vakhri) #1

WTS Myself.

No Killrights,
stay in Jita4-4
Positiv Wallet

Transfer fee is payed by me

Now with right link sorry first time eve board

Starting Bid: 12B

B/O: 16B

(Dokarr Vakhri) #2

Still avaible

(Silesiuss) #3

I can do 10B max, it needs so much skills before you can actually use it…

(Dokarr Vakhri) #4

sorry a littl bit to low

(Dokarr Vakhri) #5

auction goes until 30.12 if no good offer comes i extract the skill points

(Silesiuss) #6

get me your lowest price for it id rather skill inject it from there then from nothing.

(Dokarr Vakhri) #7

12,5b when u got rdy u can buy it right now

(Dokarr Vakhri) #8

Last Chance to buy other way i extract the skill points B/O is 15b

(Dokarr Vakhri) #9

Can be closed skills extractet

(system) #10

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