Can I buy 10 alpha daily alpha injectors and turn omega and use them all?

Basically I was wondering if I could buy 10 daily alpha injectors on my alpha character, inject, and then make my alpha character into omega, then spend them on non alpha skills? I want to be a miner in a covetor.


I feel like you can, but It would take 10 days to accomplish this at most…

Omega cannot use alpha daily injectors, but once the injectors have been used, the unallocated skillpoints do not care are you alpha or omega.

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Also consider this starter pack which will get you half way to your goal for $5 and doesn’t care whether you’re Alpha or Omega. It’s the only current pack worth buying in my opinion - especially if your character is young enough to use the cerebral accelerator.

The Covetor is really intended as a fleet miner - it has a tiny ore hold and a paper thin tank. Retriever has the largest ore hold but is still slow and easy to kill if you’re worried about gankers in your area of space. Procurer has the strongest tank making it the least attractive gank target.


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