Can I get a Golem fitting for L4 mission in Caldari area?

Armor Golem. It’s the only way to fly. :wink:

No, you can not. Make your own.

You don’t have to stick to either a MWD or a MJD, I switch out my prop mod based on the mission. Eve Survival usually has the gate distances in the mission descriptions.

Flying marauders negates the need for mission guides :wink:

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Personally, I abhor the target painter bonus on the Golem to no end. The fact that even with Missile V skills, +5 implants and a pair of T2 precision-scripted MGCs - you still need a combination of at least two T2 rigors/T2 target painters to apply 100% damage to anything smaller than a battlecruiser - just plain sucks.

Not too mention the massive skill sink into Electronic Systems and having half your mids and rigs allocated to damage application.

One is better served by simply taking the 10-second hit and switching to Precision along with a flight of light drones for those pesky frigates. For everything else a pair of T2 MGCs is more than sufficient for battlecruisers, battleships and most cruisers.

Maybe when Marauders get a balance pass we’ll finally get a +5% to missile explosion radius instead…

There’s really no benefit in running four BCS. Three Faction/Deadspace BCS are roughly equivalent to four T2 BCS and you gain a token amount from a fourth Faction vs. T2 BCS. You’re better off with implants (not stacking penalized) and a T2 Bay Loading Accelerator to augment the abysmal rate of fire with cruise missiles.

The fourth low is better served by a T2 Damage Control, and without target painters you have more mids to play around with. As has been pointed out numerous times, if you’re designing a cap stable Marauder fit you’re not really playing to the strengths of the class.

I love the cargohold of the Golem. Also, with the right modules/rigs/implants the damage application is insane, you can one shot anything up to BC. Other ships might have better combined dps like the Rattlesnake, but waiting for drones to move around, no thank you. If you wanna blitz missions then Machariel is the ship, but if you wanna own the missions, Marauders all the way.

As for the question why would you use any shield booster bigger than medium - I use X-large and it saved me vs gankers as I was boosting almost 3k per 4 sec, something you cannot achieve with medium one. Not to mention it can save you vs huge initial incoming dps if you accidently aggro entire pocket.

Yes, with a +5/6 implants, T2 rigor/flare, 2x T2 MGCs and 2x Faction TPs you can typically one-shot everything except Elite frigates and cruisers. It’s a lot of real estate to devote to damage application, however - especially when you can get away with 2-3 modules (max) for a gun platform.

The cargohold on Marauders is decent. I wish it were about 50% greater in capacity, but we can’t have everything. Selectable damage type is probably the biggest aspect the Golem has going for it.

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