Can make rorqual fit work

As title says if i add invulnerability core, indstrial corr and a compression unit um over my power grid by 40k.

Any help?

Rorqual powergrid: 420k MW (or 525k if you have good skills).
Invulnerability core: 50k MW
Industrial Core: 150k MW (T2)
Capital Moon Ore Compressor: 100k MW (and other compressors the same amount)

420 - 50 - 150 - 100 = 120

What’s the rest of your fit that you didn’t mention? Because these three modules on their own don’t get you to -40k MW.

Anyway, some general help to get more power grid:

  • Capital Ancillary Current Router rigs
  • Power Diagnostic Systems
  • Reactor Control Units
  • Inherent Implants ‘Squire’ Power Grid Management EG-60*

… but I guess someone’s who is about to fly a capital ndustrial ship probably knows how to fit their ship already.

Unless they skill injected themselves to a rorq


I didnt skill inject into a rorq. I dont have all the fit i was looking at but i had 2 cap boosters eating a lot up with shileds and armour. I can get it to work jf i remove 1 cap booster but then my cap is 2 min.

Post the whole fit so someone could actually help you adjust the fit

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