Can no longer select custom profiles with new launcher ver 6.5.1

Todays launcher update has removed the ability to select a custom profile for any given pilot. Normally this was done via the gear wheel beside each account but it’s been removed. (The gear wheel icon is still there, just all the custom profiles have been removed.)

I’ve played this game for way too long to have to start recreating custom UI layouts for all of my pilots. Why was this removed, and can you put it back please?


The launcher update wiped out the Shared Cache folder. I just watched it happen on my computer - literally it deleted the folder entirely. You will need to recreate your profiles.

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I’ve endured a lot of nails in the coffin with this game over the years, but this may well be the final one. Unbelievable.

Having launched my various accounts, they all loaded configuration data as of the last profile assigned; it is possible the profile component is being moved to cloud settings to improve compatibility with EVE Anywhere, but it is certainly less flexible than being able to save and load profile settings across accounts.

I can still see all the profiles in the %appdata% CCP folder, but there’s no way to select any of them from the launcher, and I don’t see an appropriate place to try and copy them to in the new folder to see if that works. What a pain in the ass.

Mhh? My folder is intact on win 10

OK, settings select is gone… @CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Psych @CCP_Convict @CCP_Fozzie @CCP_Explorer hello?

There are the profiles.
Only one profile per server for all characters? please NO.

And the question that can be asked almost after every update:

why do you do something that no one asked for?



I found these settings again, at least in the Mac launcher. There isn’t an on-screen option, but the Shared Cache was retained somewhere.

For Mac, a little E logo appears in the top nav bar of the OS, and Profile selection is still possible from there (menu option is called Client Settings in this drop-down).

No idea if Windows has an equivalent?

It wiped the Launcher shared cache folder on Mac. shrugs Seems it kept the one buried in the Wine folder tho.

I don’t see that “E” option anywhere on Win10.

I’m afraid I have no windows PCs available to try an install and troubleshooting to find how these can be accessed.

The manual workaround is to log the file names for each profile you developed, archive copies of them, and then manually replace the profile for the desired account on an as-needed basis.

I’m happy to do that, but currently I don’t see any folder in the new launcher file system that uses those core_char or core_user .dat files, or I would have already copied them over. I guess we’ll see how much patience I have creating new UI profiles for all these pilots. (short answer: not very much).

On win 10 in ur taskbar when u open the eve launcher it puts a E icon in the notification area u can right click on. Youcan pull up the profile management tool from there. I still dont see how to load multiple accts on w dif profile settings thou. unless u pull up the server list and change the profile on it as u log each acct in

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Is there a way to roll back the launcher update? to the next older version?

I don’t there is. I actually noticed this was a problem yesterday but I realized I was on the beta launcher. I went back to the release version last night and it fixed it temporarily until they rolled out the new version today.

ugh if id of known any of this id of declined that update today. Hey CCP ive been playin your game since invitation beta ive been paying subs on a minimum of 12 accts since 2003 how about u fix this profile management tool back to where i can change which proflie i want to use for which character or u might jus tbe losing me as a customer.
Pissed off Oldest player in Eve


What fresh hell is this


Launcher Update (User Interface v6.5.1): Ability to Check Server Connection / Profile Management Tool - Removed

Why CCP always needs to “fix” things that are not broken and in doing so BREAKS THEM??? Just so the User Interface looks “pretty”

Had this problem with the beta version of the User Interface and switched back to the release version. Now the new release has the same problem. These are need tools PLEASE RESTORE THEM!!!

CCP should have give us a heads up before doing this… na ya it’s CCP :rage:

Does anyone at CCP read this forum? Is there a better way to get their attention about this? I almost never use these forums so I have no idea.

i think im goin to drop a support ticket w each of my 456 alts lol