Can someone clarify the tax percentage on planetary inport/export?

I get that it is based off NPC/poco owners settings, but what i am having trouble understanding is what the percentage is based off of?

Playing around on a poco in nullsec that is set to 5%, i see that exporting 2290 of the product would cost me 824,400 isk. But what is that based on, because calculating the price of the product in question in both jita and the region i was in didn’t add up; even on the lowest possible value of that product it would surely have been over a million isk in taxes.

So the price is not and cannot be based on the market value of the product that is being imported / exported, so what numbers does this game use to determine how much isk you will spend to import/export any given product?

Thanks for any help on this subject o7

nvm. after sifting through a lot of information prior, i finally found something with the information listed. For anyone looking for this information check here

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