Can someone explain the point of Advanced missiles please?

So normal and faction heavy or light missiles have a healthy range of say 42/63 km.

If I equip the advanced missiles range drops to 21/47km.

What’s the point of using the advanced missiles? Rapid launchers take 35s to reload so it’s not like i will swap ammo to get measly dps increase for half the range and flying with them out right will just negate the dps gain as i will only start launching them later…so what’s the point?

There is a lot more to missiles than just “range” and “damage” - a key concept is “application”: how much of their damage the missile actually does to the target it hits. That is a blend of explosion velocity and size compared to target speed and signature (size).

At it’s simplest, a missile size is best against ships of the same size - so a light missile (a small weapon) is best against small targets, such as Frigates and Destroyers. A medium weapon such as a Heavy missile is good against a Cruiser, but poor against a frigate and so forth.
Shooting up the scales, light against a Cruiser will apply well, but you could be doing more damage with Heavy missiles against the same target.

Rapid launchers bias this a bit because of their rate of fire - but that rate of fire is balanced by the long reload time.

So, Advanced missiles.
Rage/Fury Missiles are designed to do more damage, but at a cost of only being effective against bigger targets (so Rage Rockets are better than standard Rockets against Cruisers but poorer against Frigates).
Precision/Javelin missiles are designed to do more damage to smaller targets - less total damage, but better application.

This is balanced as well by differences in the effective ranges of these missiles.
You’ll normally take a mix of missiles and select the most appropriate for the targets you are facing.
I run missions with Cruise fitted Typhoon. For hitting frigates I’ll quite often switch to precision missiles; with a guidance computer and a painter you get good solid hits against them (of the “poof! gone!” sort).

Eve is a very deep and complex game with multiple aspects all interacting with each other.


What do you mean advanced missles? As in Tech II ammo for heavy or light? Do you have skills for that type of tech II ammo? Without skills trained in a specific weapon system that support the use of tech II ammo the game will automatically assume it is 0 and no boost will apply in the fitting window compared to the fact that you might have other skills for to support the faction and gets the calculated skills already trained bonusses.

Can you put a snipe a pic from that into the this thread for the fitting window that shows the difference between the two?

There are some ammo types that for example apply more DPS at a shorter range or longer range but less DPS. Well all Tech II missle ammo has that option and variations :).


Also note that the specialisation skills add damage only to t2 missiles. If you only have that skilled to lvl 1, fury light missiles will do about as much dps as navy light missiles, but once you skill up a bit more, the difference becomes more substantial.

Lastly, ammo price is also a factor. Navy ammo tends to be more expensive than t2 ammo.

Short version, pvp: Fury/rage punches up; javelin/precision punches down.

Keep a set of both plus faction with you and swap out according to targets, unless you’re using rapid lights and rapid heavies, then you use Fury against ships of your own size, faction to punch down one size, and javelin to punch down two sizes.

Eg a battleship with RHMLs will use Fury against battlecruisers and battleships, Faction against cruisers, and javelins against destroyers and frigates.

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I generally treat T2 ammo as “an upgrade, but also a sidegrade” to regular ammo.

As Lakota correctly states: javelin/precision specialize in damage application, while fury/rage specializes in raw damage.

For example, Autocannons have Barrage and Hail. Barrage is used to increase optimal range (sniping smaller ships) while Hail increases damage at the expense of tracking (brawling bigger ships).

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