Can the PI commodities reload be more userfriendly?

I want to discuss a frustrating activity in Eve and suggest several fixes for it.
The problem: When I am doing PI, I am loading P1 from my hangar to my Epithal and delivering it to the planet. I have 6 different planets on multiple characters and the set of this P1 is the same always. Yet, every time I have to manually pick them, one by one, drug to the ship and type a value. Every time I load PI. For every planet. For every character. Why can’t I do it automatically in some way?
Proposed solution:

  1. Include Planetary Commodity Hold into the ship simulation - So I can save a fit for each planet and load the P1 by clicking the “Fit ship” button.
  2. Implement some sort of “autoselect items in clipboard”. I imagine most people have the calculation for PI in Excel, so this should work. This solution can help some other similar problems, not PI-related.
  3. Make PI commodities an item that can be saved in Fir Simulation, so we at least can simulate it in some other ship’s cargo hold. Currently, it is impossible.
  4. Allow simulating the Containers of some sort - clunky solution, but would work.

I do the PI as a main source of income. But these routine actions really repel me from doing it, and as a consequence, from the game. You did a lot of awesome quality-of-life improvements recently, and solving this problem would be a perfect addition I believe.


Yep totally agree, it would help alot if you could save the fit and then use that fit over and over again on each planet

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First, move your idea to Features and Ideas so a dev will see them.

  1. automatic scripting would probably be a violation of some rule.

1a) This is an interesting idea, since I do similar things from the time I buy materials, set up the contracts, move the material to POCOs, and the same when reversing. The ‘fit ship’ idea has some potential.

  1. I do the container stuff already,


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