Can Warp Core Stabilizer strength be enhanced

I’m trying to understand, from a defender’s perspective and without losing any ships, how the new WCS mechanics work. Given that all it takes is some ISK, clone SP, but no player skill, to fit a module(s) that gives >2 Disrupt/Scram strength, is there any way in which the WCS module’s +2 strength be increased?

For example, do the 'Low-grade Jackal/Grail/Spur/Talon Alpha` implant bonuses contribute to the WCS strength?


Some ships have inherent abilities that give them + bonus to warp strength. But no skill will improve the actual module.

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Ok. So why are the secondary bonuses on those implants described as +1 rather than a percentage (if they’re referring to sensor strength)?

These +1, +2 etc on implants are bonuses to your character’s skill attributes, (i.e. if you plug them in, you train certain skills a little bit faster). They have nothing to do with warp core strength.

@Felix_Isimazu : I don’t think you are right. Here is the full description for the Low Grade Spur Alpha implant:

This ocular filter has been modified by Gallente scientists for use by their elite officers.

Primary Effect: +2 Bonus to Perception

Secondary Effect: Adds an additional 1 point of magnetometric sensor strength to piloted ship

Notice it gives +2 to perception, but also +1 to magnetometric sensor strength.
Elsewhere, bonuses to magnetometric sensor strength are expressed as percentages, and the strength is not an integer type. Yet here it says +1, why? The way it is displayed, having the plus there, and the fact it’s an integer, suggest (possibly) that it has to do with WCS strength?

So, what I am looking for is an understanding of what the tangible benefit of this +1 is.

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  1. If you wanna find out how something is affected, why not just fit the implant and see what it does.
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Still nothing to do with WCS, +1 magnetometric sensor strength here means if you’re piloting gallente stuff, you’re (a little bit) harder to jam and scan down. Why CCP chose the +1 notation is weird, but I checked: when I’m flying a dominix my magnetometric strength is 24 points, after a full set of LG spurs it increases to 32 points, but after a full set of HG spurs it increases to 43 points.

SImilarly with Grail (radar/amarr), Jackal (ladar/minmatar) and Talon (gravimetric/caldari). All 4 sets of implants increase your sensor strength not your warp core strength.

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@Felix_Isimazu : Cheers, thnx 4 confirming this.

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