Can we expect an update from Team Security soon?

o7 to Team CCP

It seems to me that Team Security have been benched/gagged for the last coupla months :frowning:

Would be nice to see a report now and then from them bearing in mind it’s been what… 2 or 3 months since the last one was published ?

I rest my case here… i am still seeing BOT activity in the markets…

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Bot activity in the markets? How can you know it is bots and not other players?

Do you turnover 60Bill a week bud ?

Let’s just say I know when…

Not that it was my own question - I’d just like to see TEAM Security post an update now and then…

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Yeah, the last update I could find from them was from last September. I think quarterly updates would be reasonable.

And building upon what Namtis said, I’m sure there are plenty of bots in this game (and fully support CCP’s efforts to deal with them), but I also wonder how often people think other players are bots. I mean, I’ve had people suspect me of being a market bot, but I’m actually just a tenacious “no-lifer.” Moreover, the recent market changes are extremely hostile to frequent price updates. So, I’m not sure that there’s a good reason to keep running market bots.

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My impression is that most people accused of botting are really humans that are just very organized and focused.

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I call them bot aspirants. That’s just my little pet name for them.


You know CCP done goofed when me and Lucas agree on something.


I do not believe in these fictional bots you speak of!

CCP’s excuse that the markets are being botted is a lie… It’s no-life players who spend all their time keeping their market orders on top…

It’s a bit of both.

I doubt you even know what bot activity in the market is.

Actually you know their opinion is double their usual stupidity.

Let’s just say you don’t, and your opinion on the topic is therefore irrelevant. :slight_smile:

From the latest Eve Pulse. Unfortunately, I don’t think it includes market bots.

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