Can we finally get rid of pulling CONCORD mechanic?

Fair enough. I have no idea why he would call that an exploit, this is a completely normal game mechanic. No one is doing anything unintended.

I agree with him that the difference in timing if CONCORD is spawned or not is pretty stupid. In my opinion they could also just get rid if that difference and that would already solve the issue.

What do you think will happen if you remove that? I hope you don’t think they will still tether there and wait for you to kill them?

it depends how you define an exploit, you both are thinking in a grand scheme - where it is not an exploit as it doesn¨t violate any rules. But you can look at it differently.

I am relatively new player so I might not know the history and all. But, I suspect that CCP never actually stated why it works the way it works, correct? And they did not change this mechanic despite it being abused by players in any way - which implies it is absolutely intented. Because of this it is understandable that you don’t see it as an exploit or anything wrong.

But lets apply common sense. What would be the reason for CONCORD not despawning? Because I see only one such reason and that is to prevent a gank on a same place. The only other explanation for this behavior is that it is either a bug or an oversight. Assuming the intent is to prevent gankers gank at the same place, pulling the CONCORD away from that spot would be an exploit to that. Especially when you can do it without ganking anyone just by jumping into rookie ships and undocking in mass. This is still perfectly legit and allowed as CCP didn’t made any actions against players doing it nor they change it - but I just cannot shake the feel of an exploit here.

I am maintaining and developing NWN1 game server so I believe I kind of understand what is and exploit and what is not. It is all about definition of the exploit. Your definition of what is exploit is slightly different than mine.

Either way. Lets not get mad at me for using the forbidden word in gankers community. What we do is not against rules and I never said the opposite.

Sorry but that won’t work. CODE. especially has a hundreds of friendly citadel over all highsec. Also you already don’t get tethered with an active criminal status.

Highsec ganking is a zero risk activity from start. You cannot punish it. At best you can prevent it but there is very little time to react and gankers are the one initiating it so they always have the upper hand. It is almost impossible to do any harm to the hs ganker. Stealing their victim loot is best way to punish them. But if you do that you will be the next victim :wink:

I don’t have an own definition of exploit. CCP defines what counts as an exploit and what isn’t. This tactic is used for years and is not different than just ganking in a different spot mechanic wise. They have not declared it an exploit so it isn’t one.

“This mechanic is basically just a legit game mechanic exploit.”

I think you both are needlessly mad about a statement you misunderstood.

I am aware it is not an exploit from CCP’s point of view. They even made a list of known exploits and this is not on it.

so … considering my previous posts in defence of the current meta… i would like to post this…

Reminder: This announcement concerns a specific method of delaying Concord’s response time to the scene of a crime. We would like to clarify that all methods of delaying Concord’s response time are considered an exploit.

it would seem that the current meta is in breach of this notification…
My Argument is removed

You already have all the chances you need.

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How would that do anything?

Is there enough of these hypothetical ganker-hunters to wardec them y/n?

In what way are you delaying CONCORD? They just have 3 different response times based on some circumstances in a given system and grid but this response times are the ones CCP gave them and are intended. Delaying CONCORD means doing something that they don’t have one of this regular response times.

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this line

This does not address at all what I wrote above. If we are talking about those regular three response times then we are talking not about delaying, so the text you quoted simply doesn’t apply.

Not if they are tethered waiting out that timer… Dock up or be at risk of being shot down while being a “Suspect” or “Criminal” while still being technically in space.

Yes… Keyword “friendly” structures. Oddly, they don’t have any of there own.

My suggestion would add some risk, that is the point.

Sounds like a well defined exploit that bots use in Null and Low sec. Someone so well versed in knowing the mechanics of CONCORD spawns would be a very employable bot program writer assistant.

EvE is not for you obviously.

Bots in null and low use a CONCORD “exploit”? ok… I think you got me with your superior deduction skills.

Unrelated question, you are still in an NPC corp right? Asking for an alt.

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Why? Part of what makes Eve Online great is how someone can use wonky game mechanics to leverage an advantage over others.

You wanna know what would be a better change? Your behavior and actions in-game! Most of the time the series of decisions that were made before undocking are the primary reason a person finds themself in an unfortunate situation. So be smart and play the game better and you significantly cut down on the potential for you to die!

I understand though… it’s much easier to complain and cry to CCP than to want to be a better player. Yes, I know it’s just soooo unfair! :roll_eyes:


CONCORD Response Times

  • 0.5: Roughly 19 seconds.
  • 0.6: Roughly 14 seconds.
  • 0.7 : Roughly 10 seconds.
  • 0.8 : Roughly 7 seconds.
  • 0.9 and 1.0: Roughly 6 seconds

In Sept
Frostpacker will be checking to see if these require adjusting…

If CONCORD is already in the system (second gank or if intentionally pre-pulled) then you get an additional ~6s.

Isn’t that the most stupid argument ever. By this logic nothing would ever change in EVE ever. Everything works and players can (ab)use it, so why change wardecs, killrights, neutral reps etc. right?

CONCORD mechanics are outdated as hell. Pulling concord is not only annoying (no I refuse to see this as “effort” or “make ganking harder”, remember you have 15min criminal timer where you cannot gank, so to undock in rookie ship to pull concord from belt/gate to station is not hard, it is just annoying) but also stupid. This is something that seemed to me extremely odd and stupid when I was a new player and saw gank being happen in Uedama. Like wtf. Now I do it myself but that doesn’t mean I like it. I do it only from neccessity.

There were several changes to make game more playable/enjoyable. I want to make highsec ganking more enjoyable as well as nothing changed here for a long time.