Can we fix courier contracts since all the new structure changes!

So im sure we are all aware that you can’t take a courier contract into a structure you are not permitted to go in, but being a player that likes to run courier contracts for genuine perpose I have noticed the whole contract system has just become one big list of no goes for worthless chumps who have no idea how to make money any honest way expecting everyone to give it away.

I believe it should it be changed so that contract locations that are accessable to the person accepting them are only visble/available.

Otherwise the whole courier system is going to become unused via public contracts very very soon if not already as I was unable to find any high sec contracts that were legitimate persons wanting stuff moved.

If i’m reading, watching docs, all cleaning about the place courier was once a way to by some time now I have to NPC which is really unrewarding as I like to help real perosns :wink:

What changes do others think are needed or not needed??? Your imput please without critism on how I feel about scamming. Some times too much is too much right!


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This game mechanic only promotes scam’s don’t see the purpose of it.

If you enjoy hauling as a career in Eve consider joining Red Frog or one of their competitors

There are currently 243 outstanding contracts to choose from (Burn Jita may have something to do with this!) There was never a shortage of work when I was there. Contracts in the queue will have valid pickup and drop off locations. White Frog insurance covers your ship and collateral as long as you are flying within guidelines.

Ability to scam is one of the core EVE mechanics.

It’s not going away. Adapt or get scammed.


This statement proves EvE is not the right game for you. Thank you for trying, and please try again once you stop wanting to play in Carebear Wonderland Online.

As to OP, here’s a better suggestion. Instead of trying to fix what isn’t broken, we should replace every courier pilot with one that has a clue.

Rather than ask for CCP to fix your inability to pass over those “too good to be true” scams, why can’t you simply stop hauling to places you don’t have 100% guarantee to dock?

When you let greed override caution, there usually are consequences.

Huh? I don’t even live in highsec, this is to help keep new players.

CCP had a focus group on courier contracts just for this about 2 years ago. Here are all the logs where you can see all the issues discussed and why certain things like what you’re proposing are seen as issues to CCP.

Starts with June 2016.

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Where is that ‘drop-box’ that was discussed?
Solves the whole issue without limiting docking permissions to the owner.

omg you’re right this would fix everything! good thing you can’t change access at any time :roll_eyes:

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“wada wada has accepted contract” remove access for everyone GG

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