Can we get a SISI restart early?

Can we get a SISI restart early CCP PLEASE…

Like an early daily downtime? Those are scheduled for when staff is consistently available to monitor so if something breaks they can fix it. Off-schedule reboots are pretty much only going to happen in an emergency when something has gone wrong.

no the server shuts down automatically on a script But has to be rebooted manually By CCP and that normally doesn’t happen for hours


It shouldn’t be down longer than 15 minutes unless they are actually working on something - which is very possible since it’s a brand new mirror & new patch.

it went down for its daily downtime but never restarted it. in my experience from years of being on SISI it never automatically restarts

It’s still down.

My guess is they’re trying to ACTUALLY implement all the stuff from the update. There were so many issues and things missing that it was doing more harm than good.

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Can somebody please tell what “SISI” means in Russian?

idk about russion, but SiSi, is short for Singularity, yanno, the test server…

SISI - это тестовый сервер EVE online,

I mean the slang meaning.

You have the internet at your stubby fingertips use it. Oh wait you’re on linux

You won’t find it on Google translate :slight_smile:

They “officially” broke the test server.

probably mining barges were mining not asteroids but their server memory and cpu,once it ran out of both it crashed and fell to bottom of interstellar space.

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