Can we look at the Pilgrim

Can we buff the Pilgrim to make it more of a solo role.
The Stratios has killed this ship for the solo combat, the Pilgrim without having a Black Ops Fleet behind it no one wants to use it.
Since the Stratios got the Pilgrim by tank , Dps and Slot layout.
Now I love the Pilgrim and i don’t want it to die off.

So how about this idea, to make it standout you DON’T need to Buff the Tank , you DON’T need to buff the DPS, lol ok maybe a little more DPS will be nice.
But what this ship need is a Buff in Energy Nos and Energy Neut drain amount. Not the drain range or fall off range, but drain amount.
Lets be honest the Cap batteries buff has made the cap stable ships very very hard to cap out , even more so double cap batteries fits.
What I’m thinking of instead of 10% that where it is now, make it 30% Drain amount per level.
Yes that will make it a powerful neut boat but still weak tank and DPS ship.

What do you guys think?
Love to here from your thoughts and ideas for the Pilgrim.

Kind Regards
Predator BOA

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Why are people so concerned with the solo viability of support ships?

If something is soloing better than the pilgrim it’s probably because that’s not the role the pilgrim is intended for.

Just because you like the ship is not a reason to change it to also mach your preferred play style

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That came up in the re-balance thread and it is now 25% + range. You should read the re-balance patch notes for Crius or Odyssey.

This the update back in 2015 before the cap batteries update that your refer to.

#1 - 2014-12-18 14:57:04 UTC | Edited by: CCP Fozzie
Hello again o/

Finally, finally, Recons. I know you guys have been asking for a long time now so even though timing was pretty tight with vacations coming up I want to get this class in for January.

We had a few big goals with Recons:

Give Combat Recons something to make them stand out as a unique and interesting set of ships
Close the gap somewhat between Recons and T3 Cruisers, though this will also be a goal during the T3 Cruiser rebalance
Align Recons around ship developer trends established in other classes (Roden Lachesis should not use missiles for example)
Address any other general balance issues or pain points (hello Pilgrim)

Those goals lead us to the following major changes:

Combat Recons will now be permanently undetectable by directional scanners
All eight Recons will have the capacitor cost of warping reduced by roughly half
Where appropriate, bonuses will be adjusted to match ship developer trends
All eight Recons are having their capacitor pool and capacitor regeneration buffed (roughly 20% increase in cap regen)
The average maximum velocity across the class is going up by around 20m/s

We hope in the end we have a more attractive class of ship overall and some exciting new ways to use Combat Recons. That said, there are still some issues we hoped to address before rebalancing this class, such as ECM, which simply weren’t happening fast enough. We still feel good about making improvements to this class now and look forward to hearing what you guys have to say about it.

EDIT: Updates chronicled in the post below

Here’s the gritty stuff:

We decided that the Pilgrim really needed Nos/Neut range, rather than strength, to give it the engagement flexibility that other Recons enjoy.

Role Bonus:
80% reduction in Cynosural Field Generator liquid ozone consumption
50% reduction in Cynosural Field Generator duration
• Can fit Covert Ops Cloaking Device and Covert Cynosural Field Generator
• Cloak reactivation delay reduced to 5 seconds

Amarr Cruiser Bonuses:
7.5% bonus to strength of tracking disruptors
10% bonus to drone damage and hp

Recon Ships Bonuses:
20% bonus to Energy Vampire and Energy Neutralizer transfer range and 10% bonus to Energy Vampire and Energy Neutralizer strength(was 20% nos/neut

20% reduction in Cloaking Devices CPU requirement

Slot layout: 4H, 5M, 5L; 3 turrets, 0 launchers
Fittings: 1000 PWG(+50), 370 CPU(+20)
Defense (shields / armor / hull) : 850(+62) / 1800 / 1050(+178)
Capacitor (amount / capacitor per second) : 1440(+190) / 4.39/s (+.75)
Mobility (max velocity / agility / align time): 198(+34) / .61(-.1) / 9.61s(-1.57s)
Drones (bandwidth / bay): 50 / 150
Targeting (max targeting range / Scan Resolution / Max Locked targets): 104km / 237 / 8(+1)
Sensor strength: 26(+2) Radar
Signature radius: 150(-6)

Since the Curse is a Kitting ship with high neut power and long neut range.

Why not give the Pilgrim the same Neut power as the Curse since its more a brawler design.

With the cyno bonus its a close range ship.

Why not have the same Neut power ?

Not the range power, but the power of the neutralizing amount?

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Said back in 2014 when they last updated the Recon ships.

#221 - 2014-12-18 16:56:01 UTC

  • Pilgrim : The nos range alone won’t fix it, I agree that it lacks range, but at the cost of nos amount? Definitely not. Both would be nice! Big smile Don’t destroy the niche of the pilgrim for solo pvp please… That kind of players don’t need the range, and that’s the only kind of player to actually use the ship.
    If anything, other recons should be inspired by the pilgrim gameplay!
    My suggestion : 30% bonus to range and amount of nos/neut per level. Or 40 + 20 for range + amount if you don’t fear extended level bonuses descriptions.

That I agree with.
Shoot me down if you like but others feel the same as I do.

idk works great as a cyno and in fleets no change needed if you want to solo use something designed to solo

i support buffing pilgrim as a solo ship

thank you

You’re right but fist ccp should really look at the ospery, i mean god is it bad for solo

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And the Guardian? Nobody cares about the Guardian?

nah you just gotta pick your targets

You can solo just great in a Guardian. You can rep someone until it is dead.

First, one point I’d like to make is that while the pilgrim may die to the stratios, there are many engagements it can take that the stratios cannot. For example, the pilgrim has a disruptor bonus - properly fitted, you can completely screw an enemy ship that would otherwise melt a stratios. Sure it fails to a drone boat. Rock paper and scissors all stand a chance of winning or losing.

For example, imagine you just tackled an AC Mach while it was out ratting. Two tracking disruptors with tracking scripts and it wouldn’t stand a hope in hell of hitting an AB fit pilgrim (if it did, the hits would be so utterly weak that it wouldn’t really matter). The neuts would kill any prop mod it has, as well as any smartbombs, allowing it to orbit with ease and kill at it’s leisure.

A stratios, on the other hand, would get melted. Quickly.

That said, all of the force recons aren’t meant to support a fleet battle. They’re meant to support a cloaky butt-■■■■ of someone caught with their pants down.

I love the recon line. I love it all. I’m always in favour of anything that would make them get used more. But the OP is not a valid reason.

I am a simple man, I want solo in falcon, but ecm do no damage, me very sad, me want ccp buff falcon, maybe as good as Chameleon is okay

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This might be a crazy idea, but its an idea none of less.

Why not go this route:

The Pilgrim has 3 Turret Hard points why not use them?
Put and extra high slot on the pilgrim to make it 5H 5M 5L layout and put a Limit of only 1 Neutralizer mod on it like a Medium Neutralizer, but only 1 like a damage control on the ship.

Put the bonus to the Neutralizer power per skill level to 50%.
Makes it 250% toward level 5 skills and put a single Neutralizer power to 630 instead of the standard 180 normal.

Max DPS you get is with Med Laser turrets is 120.3 without implants and a total of DPS 458 with drones.

So you still get the Neutralizer power every 12 secs but more Dps for the Recon.
So it turn the Curse to a Full Neutralizer boat as it is and the Pilgrim to a DPS / Neutralizer Ship.

Good idea? Or Bad?

To what effect?

The role of the pilgrim, like all of the force recons, is ewar not dps. By buffing their damage and maintaining their ewar you’ve succeeded only in making the boat drastically overpowered.

If anything, it would be reversed - the Curse would have turret slots, because it’s a Combat Recon, and the combat recons do more damage where the Curse drastically lags behind the rest. Not that I’m advocating this, it is not in a very bad place.

that’s not crazy that’s asinine

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How about this way to make the Pilgrim stand out as a fleet / solo tackle ship.

What I’m thinking of instead of 10% that where it is now, make it 30% Drain amount per level.
Leave the slot layout as it is 4H, 5M, 5L but put a CPU reduction to core and expanded probe launcher.
You don’t need prob strength bonus at all.
You can give this bonus to all the recons cruisers that can cloak and warp.
So example a Curse will not get this bonus.

It will make them more a cyno/combat scan tackle for fleets.

What do you think?

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That sounds like you want a Confessor to get the Curse’ neutralizer bonus on top of the other bonuses.

The Pilgrim is quite okay at ewar and dropping a cyno. You can have 100.000 ehp or an infinite active tank while the cyno is up. I would even go so far to assume that all that ewar is more of a defense for the ship than offense.