Pilgrim - Does anyone out there use it for solo anymore

I love the pilgrim and spent some time training the relevant skills.
However, after testing with a buddy, I can conclude that the stratios is a better and cheaper ship, sadly…
But, being rather average at Eve, I’m sure someone out there has something to teach me, so if anyone out there actually use the pilgrim for solo pvp (WH space is what I have in mind), how is it fit, which skills/implants/boosters do you use and which targets have you successfully engaged?

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Sure, you could link a couple of kills. Or you could link them all! =)

I’ve tried roaming in a Pilgrim now and then. But I’ve usually ended up finding groups rather than easy solo targets. And in a TD / Neut boat, you’re not going to hold up against a group very well.

Stratios are “better” than Pilgrims b/c they’re cheaper, they can field more / bigger drones, and they have a better tank. But you’re still going to want to find solo targets. A single Stratios against a group is gonna have a bad time. Not saying it’s impossible, but it’ll be rough.

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Shield pilgrims are fun

Question would have been better phrased as “does anyone solo anymore?”

Answer is the same. “Yea they’re out there… but not many and not often. Risk vs reward often dictates that you bring a gang to win against smaller gangs”. Especially in something with as fat of an ass as a Pilgrim has.

Not only are they cheaper, less skill intensive, field more drones and have better tank…
The worst part is that their cap is greater, meaning it can also easily out-neut a tech 2 ship of the same class, specializing in neuting :-/

You can have 3 mediums which neut at 275 each is something to think about. In the end if you enjoy the ship you will have fun with it! I flown the stratios for many years and im sick of it, so the pilgrim for me was very refreshing.

In WH space you can have only 2 neuts :slight_smile:

Since your main weapon will be medium drones, you can use a depot to refit for the probe launcher.
Just scoop is as soon as you’re done because unwanted attention and all.

My first an only roam with a buddy of mine with 2x Pilgrim ended in a disaster. We “found” a Stratios and of course 2x Pilgrim can take on a Stratios right? Ha! Not with Eastern Europeans around…
We tackle the Stratios as you would and then 50 proteus decloak and kill us. Be careful what you wish for and good luck!

Hey OP. I will give my 2 ISK worth of comment on this ship. To be honest, haven’t used it much recently but will comment…can digest the info as you see fit. Firstly, with this ship you need to be OK at dictating range as you need to render the target screwed on the weapons range front but also prevent them from leaving once you de-cloak at the right range. Your main weapons are going to be neuts, drones and denying them range for their guns. Of course you still need to pick your fights/targets properly too.

An acceptable fit would be something along the lines of this (although others may comment further):

High slots:
3 x Medium neut II
1 x Covert Ops Cloaking Device

Medium slots:
Quad Lif Restrained Micro Warp Drive
Warp Disruptor II
Medium Cap Booster II (800 charges)
2 x Optimal Range Disruptor II (with optimal range disruptor script)

Low Slots:
Damage Control II
2 x Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
1 x Imperial Navy 800m Steel Plates
1 x Drone Damage Amplifier II

Medium Trimark Amplifier II
Medium Anti-Termal Pump II

Drones to your flavour, a mix of Hammerheads, Valkyrie and Warriors.

Some more capable PvPers than me could add more, that’s the basics…be ready, uncloak, dictate range and render them range 0…let the drones and the neuts work it out. That would be solo pvp though regarding taking out just one enemy. More than one would become more complicated, but the Pilgrim is still good for solo pvp if you choose your targets.

Well…that’s my 2 ISK worth. As for skills to train…drones, electronic, armour and the Amar ship skills.


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How do you dictate range without a scram or web when your own neut range is 15km or less?

EDIT: Ah, nevermind. I hadn’t noticed that CCP changed the Pilgrim bonuses and gave it a nos/neut range bonus as well so now you can nos/neut upto 20km optimal with T2.

My personal take on that question is that you dictate it by uncloaking at point blank, scram and web and use your afterburner to stay close.
Of course, not having an MWD on a ship with is already slow is a bit of a bummer.

His fit included an MWD not an AB, so it couldn’t be a scram kiter, hence my question, but if the nos/neut range is now 20km (instead of 10km as it was previously) you could conceivably cap out your target while keeping a long point on them.

There are some good YouTube vids on the Pilgrim if you want to watch, especially one that takes on a Navy Harby. A reasonable strat for bagging kills that are on their own would be to decloak like 10km away, lock up, apply range damps straight away to get their range to almost zero, point, pulse the mwd to keep ideally about 12-15 km away, neut and release drones and let them work whilst you micromanage/dictate distance so that he’s basically dead in the water.
That would be the basics…can get more creative if needs must. However, target selection will obviously play a role too…hubris has undone many a pilot, haha.

That and it’s an mmo so people tend to like to fly with friends. There are plenty of opportunities for solo and most solo pilots are not looking for easy kills most are looking for gfs. So the lack of it has less to do with risk vs reward


I use a Pilgrim and a Curse but the fittings cost a bit.

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