Can you remove truncated in wallet, or at least see all?

Not sure if this is the right spot for this. But I’m looking at my bounty prizes for ratting, and I see truncated. I do get the point of it, but I was hoping I could click on something to get a full report?

Thanks !

Are you meaning the per-ship details instead of a aggregate data at the bounty tick? I believe you can lift that data from your combat logs (find ship death and associated ‘X added to your next bounty payout’ messages). Delivering aggregate income at the 20 minute bounty payout interval is for server efficiency purposes; I think we would be seeing a step backward in efficiency if it paid out as individual records on a per-ship basis instead of the aggregate, since that’s a lot more wallet records to process at the 20 minute mark.

ETA: If this data is captured in logs, you might ask around in the third party tools section to see if anyone has developed a log scrape, or is willing to be hired to do so, to allow you to gather this data from your log files into an easier to read format.

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I’ll dig in the combat log thanks!

I 100% get the reason for every 20 min and I’m honestly grateful for that. I was just looking for how I can independently go though when I was curious.

Thanks !!

It doesn’t look like game logs contain an announcement anywhere for a ship dying; the closest you will get, if you are flying solo, is pairing the Bounty alert with the last Combat (damage dealt) alert. Obviously, once multiple people are in fleet even that gets messy.

I would say a great suggestion for the ‘Little things/QOL improvements’ thread would be appending the ship name to the bounty message:
$$$ ISK added to next bounty payout (SHIP NAME)

Then you can filter logs for bounty messages and scrap the data for whatever uses

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