Concorde Owes me


Could there be room for a tab in the wallet, where it maybe could show how much Concorde owes you, from missions and npc kills. that way you could get a instant idea of how much isk is incoming.

Or do a instant payout from each mission when returning to agent, with finished mission.

TY for your time

Isn’t the 20 min payout ticks enough? If you have been running missions long enough you should get an idea of how much ISK each mission would give.

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No, I wouldnt have asked otherwise, and what kind of negative answer is that to give?

Its not only for me, I was also thinking of new players!

There you go with the “think of the children” fallacy.

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:innocent: Thank you so much for helping me, you are the man :laughing:

This part won’t happen because of processing load considerations and performance issues for real-time payout of ratting and mission rewards; it’s why we have 20 minute payouts in the first place.

I can see how it would be nice to have a running counter of ‘here is what is due in my next tick’, but I suspect doing so would have the same issue as actually paying the activities out at the time of earning. If CCP could tell your wallet what is pending without performance issues, I’m pretty sure they could also deliver the ISK without said issues. Since they cannot deliver the ISK immediately, it is highly suggestive that they cannot deliver the data that is paired with the ISK immediately, either.

Check out the services and third party development subforums - someone may have written a tool to analyze your log files and estimate this data for you. It’s worth looking if you think you need it.

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Thank you for a great response, it makes sense.

And thank you for taking the time to read it through and get back to me :slight_smile:

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