Cancel please delete
Sec status -1.73
Good for PvP/PVE
108+ sp still training good nag skills
Mid grade Cristal set with hardwire
Geno set with hardwire
And another I think it should be on the link
Currently in jita
2 CCP blaze skins
Will pay transfer as CCP rules
This is a toon to be used by someone not to be striped as such looking for 101bil
Can also be mailed in game as I’m on most nights

Keep in mind that pilots for sale are evaluated based on the pilot itself, not it’s belongings as per CCP rules.

Ye the rules stated implants skins as well I thought I will have a better look through when I get to the pc thanks though

It’s up to the individual buyer, offcourse if they want to up their offer.

Ye it’s a struggle trying to value as most just buy to strip now

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80b offer.

81Bil Offer

Sorry it’s not for sale for some one to strip I can do that if needed it’s more for someone to get use as it was intended thank you though

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if you are not in a hurry to sell, then feel free to put a hundred, they will take away just describe in more detail what is on the character, what colors, what bonuses. @Kazim this character constantly interferes with any transactions, and constantly drops the price tag.

Are you accusing me of shoplifting?

Edited from price check on to selling
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81.5b offer

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82b offer

Sorry it’s not for sale for taking sp so I’m looking for more than that I know it will be a tough sell and I need the isk but it’s not worth it I can strip it if it gets that bad but thanks though your hypernets ruined me lol